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Those who are born on 9th,18th or 27th day of a month have basic no. 9. Master planet of this number is Mars and presiding deity is Lord Hanuman.images There are 9 planets in the solar system. There are 9 types of religious devotions, 9 types of attainment, 9 forms of Goddess Durga, etc. This number has been given importance in Chinese, Greek, Christian and Jewish cultures too.  No. 9 does not know what defeat is.They are ideal for army, police or para military forces. There style of working is aggressive. They are able managers and organizers. Waves of self respect are constantly rising and falling in their mind. Due to these habits legal cases are obvious against them. Short tempered nature makes their family tense. They are not satisfied with their wives and sometimes shout at her in the presence of others.They can never digest criticism.

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The person who takes or took birth on 11th of any month is considered as power no. 11 or illuminating number.  The master numbers exist on a higher spiritual plane than the single digits. The first master number, the 11, must work to develop intuition, to tune into psychic forces not available to those with lower numbers.



He must stand ready to be a channel with a message from above. In his life, he must inspire by his own example, living in the way revealed to him, spreading HIS ILLUMINATION for others to absorb and benefit. This number is as difficult as it is rewarding.Often, particularly at an early age, the individual is aware of his special powers yet unable to synthesize them for his own use or for the good of his fellow man. He is often a relatively impractical idealist, far more a dreamer than a doer. There is an undercurrent of nervous tension always present from the high power sources to which the individual is attuned.  Power number 11 is having lot of creativity and artist with lot of potential to grow at his zenith.

He has to learn to live with his special powers, to set himself aside from the world of materials accumulation in order to better understand the powerful forces which can reveal a higher guidance.