Astro Gems & Tarot

Stones & Tarot:

Tarot reading is very popular from the beginning. The use of Tarot card are basically for future telling and anybody can get certain ideas and glimpse of their future by this Tarot principle. But here we will discuss Stones with the Tarot. The Tarot deck is made up of 78 Tarot cards, each with its own unique Tarot card meaning. There are 22 Major Arcana cards and 56 Minor Arcana cards across four suits (Cups, Pentacles, Swords and Wands). The Major Arcana consists of 22 cards that reflect key archetypes or spiritual lessons in our lives. The Minor Arcana consists for four suits—Cups, Pentacles, Swords, and Wands. Each of these suits contains 14 cards, which reflect the day-to-day activities in our lives.


In place of Tarot Cards, one can place Gem stones too. These gemstones have signs like Tarot cards and can be used in a similar way. In a piece of cloth 22 gemstones can be kept and need to ask the person to touch any one stone out of it. What the other person is thinking can be elaborated easily or if the person has any queries that can be answered too. This is not possible with the help of 22 gem stones the only difference is in place of cards; stones are used. A set of (usually 78) cards that include 22 cards representing virtues and vices and death and fortune etc.; used by fortunetellers

tarot-and-stones1 tarot-and-stones3

These stones need to get purified first with specific  procedure and then future telling can be done. Every stone is given a specific name which has special meaning. Any person can intimate what is going to happen through these stones or problem can be solved with the answer by the help of these stones. If you are not using the stones then wrap them with a yellow or red cloth. So that they can be safe without any pollution.

Gems & Directions

Vastu and Gem stone:

We generally wear different types of stones in the form of jewelries on wrist or neck but they are just not the jewelries they are hidden powers of universe and start acting accordingly. They have such powers which works on your physical health, relationship, career and  emotions.

necklace bracelet silver-ring

Gemology is a vast science which attracts not only the powers of Planets but stars too. This is for sure that as soon as the person takes birth, this universe puts it rays on to that individual in any form of noun either living or non-living. The usage of gem stones can intensify or diminish the good or bad effect of the planets and stars.

For Human Beings Gem stones has proved to be a boon if used with right direction, right time and right procedure. Gems are crystalize minerals and can be used for  curing of ailments.  Its has been proved that Gem Stones has the probabilities and possibilities of intensifying the positive powers of the planets. Every stones have relationship with some or the other planets and by taking the powers from the planets Gem Stones fill enormous happiness and positivity in one’s life. From the early age humans came to know the powers of Gem Stones.

gemstones1 gemstones

In the birth chart or horoscope the planetary position put lot of impact on the humans; positive and negative and to rectify the situations Gem Stones proves to be the masters not only in improving the conditions of humans but of the business and vastu too.

Blue Sapphire and West:

If any showrooms or shop is facing towards West then to improve more with lots of prosperity one should keep Blue Sapphire on the west side as West represent Saturn and this will help in improving the business.

saturn blue-sapphire

Ruby and East:

If any shop or showrooms is facing towards East then to improve more with prosperity one should keep Ruby on the Eastern side of the Showroom and Ruby is the stone for Sun.

ruby sun

Red Coral & South:

There are many shops and showroom facing south and to enhance the productivity one should keep Red Coral on that direction. South is govern by Mars and red coral represent Mars.

red-coral1 mars

Yellow Sapphire and North East:

If any showroom is facing North East and to enhance the prosperity of it one needs to keep Yellow Sapphire on the North East. Jupiter governs the North East direction and yellow sapphire represents Jupiter.

jupiter yellow-sapphire

Diamond and South East:

If any showroom is facing South East and to enhance the prosperity of that direction then one needs to keep Diamond. Diamond governs the South East direction and South East direction is monitored by Venus.

diamond venus

Pearl and North West:

Showroom with North West Door can bring lots of good luck if Pearl is place on that direction then business will grow in multifold. North West is monitored by Moon and pearl is the stone of the moon.

pearl moon

Hessonite and South West:

If anybody showroom is facing towards South West and to improve the productivity of the showroom one needs to keep hessonite on that direction. South West is monitored by RAHU (Dragon’s Head) and Hessonite represent RAHU.

hessonite rahu

Emerald and North:

Showroom with North opening helps a lot in bringing fortune if one keeps Emerald. Emerald represents North and North is govern by Mercury.

emerald1 emerald mercury

All the stones are related to one or the other directions and keeping them on that direction is beneficial because gemstones as per the direction changes the aura and improvise the vibration of that direction which bring prosperity and luck.

Astro Metals


Platinum is one of the most precious metal and the stones which are mended in this metal are powered with lot of energy and vigor. Categorically for Emerald and Blue Sapphire if the Platinum is used then the power gets doubled. For Emerald minimum 3 carat and for Blue Sapphire and Diamond it should be 5 carat and 1.5 carat respectively.

There is a huge magnetic force present in Platinum. As it comes out at the time of Volcano eruption and cannot be seen with the naked eye.

raw-platinum1  raw-platinum

Out of Gold, Silver and Platinum; Platinum is the expensive metal. The density of Platinum is heavy; to molten this metal 1773 degree of heat is required. Hardness is 4 of this metal. After 1920 the usage of Platinum is more than before.


For last  many years copper is being used by human beings. It is easily mined from the womb of the earth. Compare to Gold and Silver; Copper is very useful metal. This metal is cheap and easily available. Copper was mainly used for making coins, utensils for household work, even ornaments. This metal has its own existence and can be easily recognized. This is deep brown in color; in some place the color of copper is black , blue and sometimes green too.  This metal is heavy and hard and its hardness is 2-3. This is found mainly in Michigan in America, Arizona, New Mexico and some parts of India.

Copper is used in mending gems stones into it also. Copper is a very good conductor and when used with the stones then magical power of spirituality, healing power and energetic transformation happens very fast.  Blue turquoise, chrysocolla and Azurite stones works very good in Copper.

copper-ring1  copper-ring

 If copper is mixed with Gold or silver then the power increases. Crystalline stones are not good if mended in copper.

Pearl & Coral are not very good reactor if mended in Copper cause they are mainly having the properties of fossils which copper is bad conductor.


Bronze has the quality to shine like Gold sometime when there is less humidity and bright sun shine or the atmosphere is free from salty air like not near the coastal region. Like copper; bronze has also got the quality of transferring lots of materialistic power in the body of the wearer. Iron is more in Bronze that’s why whenever any stone is mended it gives all the power to protect the wearer like a shield. Any stone with golden shine can be mended on Bronze.

bronze-ring     bronze-ring1

Metals does play very important role not only in the form of jewelries but they are medicinal too.



From the beginning of the civilization human being started finding some benefits from stones and using them for their day to day need started from hunting to fire their food; and to make shelters. Gradually they saw metals and after touching them they got fascinated. Human started using the metals in different fields.

Humans started using the metals by putting different colored stones in them and wearing them. Later on one sect came up who started making jewelries by putting stones in them and they are known as Jewelers. Astrologers started connecting metals with the planets and then people came to know about the power of the metals.


From ancient times people are attracted towards Gold and people have tendency to hoard it also. And after Gold; Silver, Copper, Bronze, Aluminum. The color of Gold is yellow and its known as yellow metal also. In the beginning of the stage it is mixed with Silver and sometime with copper and iron also. In the mines it is present with quartz also. Hardness of the Gold is 2.5 to 3. Gold is very powerful in transferring energy and when any stone is mended with Gold then the power of stone is multiplied many fold. The usage of Gold is a sign of prosperity.

Now the most important is what should be the minimum carat of the Gold while mending stones. For Ruby 2.5 carat of Gold; For Coral 6 carat of Gold; For Emerald 3 carat; for Yellow Sapphire 3 carat. Diamond should be on 1.5 carat; Hessonite to be on 5 carat at least. The power of Gold is magical and gives lots of popularity.



Silver is very shiny white metal and represents Moon. In the Gems stone Pearl is used mainly for Moon on Silver. After Gold the only metal which is in use mostly by People are Silver.

Silver is symbol of self respect. Like Gold it does not intensify the power of the stone but controls the power of the stones and keep them active for the long time. Pearl can be worn with 2,4,6, or 11 carat silver. Emerald should be mended on 3 carat, Diamond to be mended on 1.5 carat; Blue Sapphire should be on 5 carat.


This metal is really beautiful that’s why Coins, the figures of deities are made of Silver and because of its therapeutic use even utensils are also made of silvers and are being used for remedies. Wearing silver can remove depression and anger. Hardness of this metal is 2.5. Silver is quite malleable.



Get Familiar With The Constellations


Like planets Birth Stars also plays very important role in humans life. Some Astrologers study and predicts on the basis of Birth Stars and some astrologers study and predicts on the basis of Planets. For detail analysis of human’s life one should go deep down into the Birth Star analysis and predictions too. Birth Stars give indepth insight of person’s personality and minute details of twelve aspects one is having in the chart.


There are 27 (twenty-seven) nakshatras or birth stars which are place above the Solar system and the planets are moving around the Sun and the Sun is also moving around these constellation at the speed of 70000 km/sec.


Names of the birth stars along with their Lords are given below with the meaning:


Sl. No Birth Stars Meaning Lord
1 Ashwini Horse headed Ketu (Dragon’s Tail)
2 Bharani Bearing person Shukra (Venus)
3 Krittika Cutting person Surya (Sun)
4 Rohini Beautiful Red Woman Chandra (Moon)
5 Mrigashira Deer Headed Mangal (Mars)
6 Adra Humid (Moist) Rahu (Dragon’s Head)
7 Punarvasu Reincarnated light Guru (Jupiter)
8 Pushya Sustenance Shani (Saturn)
9 Ashlesha Cuddling or hugging Budh (Mercury)
10 Magha Enormous or Mammoth Ketu (Dragon’s Tail)
11 PurvaPhalguni Prior to Reddish flower Shukra (Venus)
12 Uttar Phalguni Later to Reddish flower Surya (Sun)
13 Hasta The Palm Chandra (Moon)
14 Chitra The Sparkling one Mangal (Mars)
15 Swati freed Star Rahu (Dragon’s Head)
16 Visakha the Branches Guru (Jupiter)
17 Anuradha The Bright Star Shani (Saturn)
18 Jayestha Elderly Budh (Mercury)
19 Moola The Root Ketu (Dragon’s Tail)
20 Purva Asada Intelligent Shukra (Venus)
21 Uttar Asada Latter victory Surya (Sun)
22 Shravan Hearing Chandra (Moon)
23 Dhanistha Drum (mridanga) Mangal (Mars)
24 Satabhisha Compatible Rahu (Dragon’s Head)
25 PurvaBhadrapad Early Feet Guru (Jupiter)
26 Uttar Bhadrapad Later Feet Shani (Saturn)
27 Revati The Richest Budh (Mercury)

The Story Of The Ashwini Birth Star

Ashwini Birth Star:

The Ashwini Nakshatra is govern by Ketu (Dragon’s Tail) and the lord is Ashwini Kumar. During the Birth of a child they are governed and lead by a some specific birth Star. The classification is given below on every star along with their steps.


Pratham Charan (First Step)

2Character: The native who takes birth in the First step is medium in height; bit dusky in complexion. By nature native is selfish and lethargic. He is religious. Native is always alert for his aim or career and lives his or her life by his own will. The life partner of the native is rough but quite lucky. The native’s partner will always be suffering from some or the other kind of health ailments. Native is always been regarded in the friend circle.


Prayer: Ashwini Nakshatra first step’s born native should worship Mangal Yantra and do Hanuman Chalisa; this will give immense benefit to him.

Ailments: Generally, these people suffer from mental disbalance or other challenges of Mind; they should feed jaggery to cows.

Gems: Natives born on the First Step of Ashwini Nakshatra should wear Red Coral to avoid their problems and get success in life. But still better to discuss once with the Astrologer.


Dwitiye Charan (Second Step)

Character: Natives who takes birth in the Second step are very normal in their physique. These people are shrewd and lethargic in nature. Native is more inclined in materialistic world and always have dirty mind to distract people. Native gets full support from his family, Native’s Life partner has too much of self respect and possess pretty looks. Life partner will easily manage in the house but has got sharp language also. Native will get happiness from daughters. Native’s luck start favoring after 20 years of age.


Prayer:Native should worship Goddess tripur Sundari to get bestowment of age, prestige and power.

Gems: Native should wear white diamond and to feed OX with jaggery.


Tritiye Charan (Third Step)

Character: Natives look handsome or pretty with normal physique. By nature native is of dual nature. Native is capable of proving himself or herself; quite selfish. Native is opportunist. Native’s life partner is good looking individual. Native shall have sons as baby. All of a sudden Native may get lottery. Luck starts favoring from the age of 26 years.

Prayer: Lord Ganesha is the deity to worship and will prove beneficial.


Gems: White Coral is good for the Native.


Chaturth Charan (Fourth Step)

Character: Native who takes birth in the fourth Step of Ashwini Nakshatra will be lean & thin but nice looking with fair complexion. Will be attracted towards Art & Culture, highly ambitious; earn money by his own business. Whole life the native is lean and suffers stomach ailments. Luck starts favoring from the age of 20 or 24 years.

Prayer: Native should worship Deity Ashwini Kumar or Lord Shiva for better result.

11 10

Gems: Native should wear a fresh pearl on silver for mental peace and solemnity.

Ideating on the process of Office warming

Process of office Area Warming:


In Feng Shui there is a process of making an office charged through a specific process to make it favorable to oneself. When a person makes a new house or office or moves to new house or office, it is not necessary that the energy of new place is favorable to him. If the place was occupied earlier by somebody or any other office, then it is certain that some effect to their energy will remain in that place. Hence some rituals are performed to make the energy of that place favorable, or if any negative energy is there that need to get positive; because it is also not necessary that old energy was favorable to earlier residents that is why Feng Shui masters perform these rituals before a person enters new office or house for the first time.

For the ritual Feng Shui master decides an auspicious date and time for the ritual. For deciding this date and time he takes help of Chinese calendar Tong-Shu.This is the time when the five elements are in such position that they provide auspicious energy and power to the house or office. When auspicious energy is activated, old still and inauspicious energy is pushed away. Thus this ritual removes inauspicious energy of the house or office and brings positive energy favorable to the resident or employees. This ritual is known as house warming for the house and office warming for the office.

Office Warming:

1For office warming ritual all the employees and officers come to the office on the day fixed by Feng shui master. Sometimes friends and guest are also invited. A day before the ritual, in the evening black paper is put or pasted on all door, windows, ventilators, nets or any other open places. All the electrically operated gadgets are switched off.


Fax, teleprinter, computer, phones etc are made inoperable by moving the connections. Those instruments which have batteries are also made ineffective by removing their cells or batteries which are kept out in the office. If there is any animal or pet like a dog or cat in the office, then it is also removed. Once again it is seen that no ray of Sun enters inside. Finally everyone comes out switching off electricity. Now main door is closed and red cloth is put on the sign board.

6Next day a bit earlier than auspicious time the owner or the manager of the office fires a furnace of coal. These coals are allowed to become red hot just at the auspicious moment, the furnace is kept in the middle of the corridor or courtyard leading to the office and the owner or manager stands near it. Now he puts his left leg on the other side of the furnace and then the right leg on the other side of the furnace and then the right leg and goes to the other side. All the workers and employees also cross the furnace in this manner. Now the manager opens the furnace in this manner.


Now the manager opens the main entrance and removes red cloth from the sign board. This is the exact auspicious moment and everyone enters the office, and remove black paper to welcome auspicious energy. Natural light starts entering inside. To welcome artificial light all the light connections are put in place and lights are switched on. All electrical gadgets or instruments are made operative by connecting their plugs. Cells and batteries are put in their places.


Music is also started. Owners, officers, employees after coming inside at auspicious moment do not go out for one hour. This is done to ensure unity. Thereafter normal activities of the office start.
This is process of office warming.


A Ray Of Contentment At Your Door Is All That Vastu Claims



A ray of omniscience includes all the positives, as well as negative sources, come in the life of every living entity on the planet. With the Sun, revealing its ray of light constantly and thereby lighting planets, Earth being the only living rays of hope affects the life of its existence as a whole. True that astrological study emphasises on the concept of light and gravitational force together. Vastu, forming an important part of the astrological study has its birth out of the subject matter of astrology. It does have a strong relevance to the study of metaphysics.

The Light of Life:

Online Vastu Consultant reveals the connecting lines of life only from the periphery of light. As the Puranic texts have made it clear the entire existence of the Universe as created by the Lord Vishnu wonders through the passage of light. The Holy Spirit presumably, be accepted by the Christian sects of people believed in the ignition of light. Going by the metaphysical understandings, and Physics, the logical minds, who have nurtured themselves through paths of Science have confirmed on the greater possibilities light giving us live. The three earthly components being – water, soil and light allow life to find its wings. Certainly, this marks a positive notion of hope since life.

The Light of Science:

A life of science comes into prominence the moment fire was ignited. The discovery of fire as mentioned by the archaeological heads of the world has jointly stated the scientific cause and effect relationship back then. It was the light of the fire at night that made those trying times bit safe for men. Hard it was for they hardly knew the meaning of civilisation. The old school monk must reply to a political saint in a mocking fashion, “Religion and politics shaped an entire civilisation as a mark of hope and growth to live. It had the technological discoveries at one hand to direct Earth in a positive direction”. So, light has its wings from the primitive era.

The Treating of Light:

People of any establishments have been practising opening of the doors and windows, allowing Sunlight to enter. A bright sunny weather creates a positive atmosphere at the home. Generally, the best astrologer in Kolkata suggests this scenic beauty, which soothes eyes as well as one woke up. The colour codes being light or dark, common among today’s home decor replaces darkness.

Vastu Tips To Make Your Existing Workplace A Space Of Positivity


Vastu Shastra consultant

Offices can be regarded as second home since we spend the second highest amount of time and sometimes the maximum time there. Office is the place which is kind of a temple for the devotees of success and wealth. It is the source of our livelihood and also gives us a chance to carve an identity of our own in this wide world. Now it may be questioned why one needs to go for Online Vastu advice in Kolkata or for that matter in any part of the world to plan the office interiors. The answer would be that Vastu Shastra advises the best possible positions for various aspects of the interiors, in order to ensure positive flow of wealth and prosperity into one’s life. Moreover, since we cannot eliminate our needs, wants and desires, we should stick to the solutions that provide the right directions and mentality to fulfil them. Continue reading Vastu Tips To Make Your Existing Workplace A Space Of Positivity

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