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Ideating on the process of Office warming

Process of office Area Warming:


In Feng Shui there is a process of making an office charged through a specific process to make it favorable to oneself. When a person makes a new house or office or moves to new house or office, it is not necessary that the energy of new place is favorable to him. If the place was occupied earlier by somebody or any other office, then it is certain that some effect to their energy will remain in that place. Hence some rituals are performed to make the energy of that place favorable, or if any negative energy is there that need to get positive; because it is also not necessary that old energy was favorable to earlier residents that is why Feng Shui masters perform these rituals before a person enters new office or house for the first time.

For the ritual Feng Shui master decides an auspicious date and time for the ritual. For deciding this date and time he takes help of Chinese calendar Tong-Shu.This is the time when the five elements are in such position that they provide auspicious energy and power to the house or office. When auspicious energy is activated, old still and inauspicious energy is pushed away. Thus this ritual removes inauspicious energy of the house or office and brings positive energy favorable to the resident or employees. This ritual is known as house warming for the house and office warming for the office.

Office Warming:

1For office warming ritual all the employees and officers come to the office on the day fixed by Feng shui master. Sometimes friends and guest are also invited. A day before the ritual, in the evening black paper is put or pasted on all door, windows, ventilators, nets or any other open places. All the electrically operated gadgets are switched off.


Fax, teleprinter, computer, phones etc are made inoperable by moving the connections. Those instruments which have batteries are also made ineffective by removing their cells or batteries which are kept out in the office. If there is any animal or pet like a dog or cat in the office, then it is also removed. Once again it is seen that no ray of Sun enters inside. Finally everyone comes out switching off electricity. Now main door is closed and red cloth is put on the sign board.

6Next day a bit earlier than auspicious time the owner or the manager of the office fires a furnace of coal. These coals are allowed to become red hot just at the auspicious moment, the furnace is kept in the middle of the corridor or courtyard leading to the office and the owner or manager stands near it. Now he puts his left leg on the other side of the furnace and then the right leg on the other side of the furnace and then the right leg and goes to the other side. All the workers and employees also cross the furnace in this manner. Now the manager opens the furnace in this manner.


Now the manager opens the main entrance and removes red cloth from the sign board. This is the exact auspicious moment and everyone enters the office, and remove black paper to welcome auspicious energy. Natural light starts entering inside. To welcome artificial light all the light connections are put in place and lights are switched on. All electrical gadgets or instruments are made operative by connecting their plugs. Cells and batteries are put in their places.


Music is also started. Owners, officers, employees after coming inside at auspicious moment do not go out for one hour. This is done to ensure unity. Thereafter normal activities of the office start.
This is process of office warming.


A Ray Of Contentment At Your Door Is All That Vastu Claims



A ray of omniscience includes all the positives, as well as negative sources, come in the life of every living entity on the planet. With the Sun, revealing its ray of light constantly and thereby lighting planets, Earth being the only living rays of hope affects the life of its existence as a whole. True that astrological study emphasises on the concept of light and gravitational force together. Vastu, forming an important part of the astrological study has its birth out of the subject matter of astrology. It does have a strong relevance to the study of metaphysics.

The Light of Life:

Online Vastu Consultant reveals the connecting lines of life only from the periphery of light. As the Puranic texts have made it clear the entire existence of the Universe as created by the Lord Vishnu wonders through the passage of light. The Holy Spirit presumably, be accepted by the Christian sects of people believed in the ignition of light. Going by the metaphysical understandings, and Physics, the logical minds, who have nurtured themselves through paths of Science have confirmed on the greater possibilities light giving us live. The three earthly components being – water, soil and light allow life to find its wings. Certainly, this marks a positive notion of hope since life.

The Light of Science:

A life of science comes into prominence the moment fire was ignited. The discovery of fire as mentioned by the archaeological heads of the world has jointly stated the scientific cause and effect relationship back then. It was the light of the fire at night that made those trying times bit safe for men. Hard it was for they hardly knew the meaning of civilisation. The old school monk must reply to a political saint in a mocking fashion, “Religion and politics shaped an entire civilisation as a mark of hope and growth to live. It had the technological discoveries at one hand to direct Earth in a positive direction”. So, light has its wings from the primitive era.

The Treating of Light:

People of any establishments have been practising opening of the doors and windows, allowing Sunlight to enter. A bright sunny weather creates a positive atmosphere at the home. Generally, the best astrologer in Kolkata suggests this scenic beauty, which soothes eyes as well as one woke up. The colour codes being light or dark, common among today’s home decor replaces darkness.

Vastu Tips To Make Your Existing Workplace A Space Of Positivity


Vastu Shastra consultant

Offices can be regarded as second home since we spend the second highest amount of time and sometimes the maximum time there. Office is the place which is kind of a temple for the devotees of success and wealth. It is the source of our livelihood and also gives us a chance to carve an identity of our own in this wide world. Now it may be questioned why one needs to go for Online Vastu advice in Kolkata or for that matter in any part of the world to plan the office interiors. The answer would be that Vastu Shastra advises the best possible positions for various aspects of the interiors, in order to ensure positive flow of wealth and prosperity into one’s life. Moreover, since we cannot eliminate our needs, wants and desires, we should stick to the solutions that provide the right directions and mentality to fulfil them. Continue reading Vastu Tips To Make Your Existing Workplace A Space Of Positivity

Feng shui Tip:

Now a days depression can be seen in every house;feng-shui-fengshui-chinese

In order to create balance and vibrant energy in all areas of your home, remove clutter don’t keep anything which is not in use for long time and which are useless.

For example, if you are working on attracting more prosperity, you should introduce the feng shui elements of Wood and Water in the Southeast area of your house.feng-shui-tips-for-better-love-and-romance

If your need to improve your health, you should place lush wood feng shui element items, such as plants or pieces of wood furniture in the East area.

Some Fengshui tips on Kitchen;

The kitchen should have several levels of proper lighting, be aba19ca3689483b4fa48d571d6f83dd5airy and spacious, clean, bright and welcoming; where u wud love to move in.

For good feng shui, keep the kitchen simple and do not overload it with lot many utensils & gadgets.

Keep the clutter at an arms’ length; and remove it daily.

Fresh flowers bring beautiful uplifting energy to your kitchen. Place a bowl with fruits, a vase of flowers, or a living plant on c9d47b0c025ef5944ded13b9943ca79fyour kitchen table or wherever the layout of your kitchen allows.

Choose colors that blend well and feel good together. Feng shui-wise, color yellow/Orange/pink is a good choice for the kitchen, as it is good for your digestion. You can choose this color as light as “butter yellow” or as vibrant and strong as “squash Orange.” or “Strawberry Pink”.

Mahishasura, Goddess Parvati

To destroy demon Mahishasura, Goddess Parvati took the form of Goddess Katyayani. It was the most violent form of CX-EV-472Goddess Parvati. In this form Goddess Parvati is also known as Warrior Goddess.

Goddess Katyayani is worshipped on the sixth day of Navratri.

It is believed that the planet Brihaspati is governed by Goddess Katyayani; whose Jupiter is not good in the horoscope they should worship Goddess Katymaxresdefaultayani.

Goddess Katyayani rides on the magnificent lion and depicted with four hands. Goddess Katyayani carries lotus flower and sword in her right hands and keeps her left hands in Abhaya and Varada Mudras.

Some tips on Married couples:

If you have some disagreement on any issues, u can try this Young_Married_Couple_iStock_000010220919Smallout for healthy decision to come out.

If men hail from Mars and women from Venus, it’s no wonder our conversations can get crossed.

Feng shui says that harmonious relationships are successfully sustained only as a direct result of crystal-clear communication between partners.

Fill a small bowl with uncooked rice and then top it with a shake of sea salt; salt and rice are considered the ultimate negative energy absorbers.03-couple-running-through-yards

Place three clear crystals atop the salt so that they form a triangle, and then place the bowl under your bed for nine to 49 days. It’ll awaken positive relationship energies and thus helps in agreeable and open communication.

Maha – Saptami.

When the Goddess Parvati removed outer golden skin to kill demons named Shumbha and Nishumbha, She was known as Goddess Kalaratri. Kalaratri is the fiercest and the most ferocious form of Goddess Parvati.

image8Goddess Kalaratri

is worshipped on the seventh day of Navratri.

Maa Kaalratri is treated as Guru of Planet Shani and governs it.

Goddess Kalaratri complexion is dark black and She rides on a donkey. She is depicted with four hands. Her right hands are in Abhaya and Varada Mudra and She carries sword and the deadly iron hook in her left hands.

या देवी सर्वभू‍तेषु माँ कालरात्रि रूपेण संस्थिता। नमस्तस्यै नमस्तस्यै नमस्तस्यै नमो नम: ।।

Today is Maha-Ashtami:

Maa Durga is worshiped as Maa Mahagauri on eighth Navratri.Shubh-Durga-Ashtami-Glitter-Picture

Mahagauri is the eight form of Goddess Shakti. Her color is white. Whiteners is shown by shell, moon etc. Mahagauri means one clean and bright like a ray of lightning.

Maa MahaGauri Pooja on Ashhtami in Navratri Festival
This is the form of Goddess Parvati when she did penance to get Lord Shiva as her husband. It is believed that due to the main-qimg-221a969d3c0cdc948919acc1e0f6cba8intense Tapas performed by her without moving caused soil and dust to collect on her body. Lord Shiva cleaned her with water from Ganga that’s why she get whiteners as shine & got the name as Maha Gauri. Purity is depicted in this form of Durga.

The Goddess is in the form of eight-year old child with complexion as fair as a conch, moon and jasmine. Her clothes and ornaments are white and pure. She has three eyes and four arms. Her right upper hand is in the pose of allaying fear and right lower hand holds a trident in it. The left upper hand holds a tambourine and the lower one is in the pose of blessing. All sins of devotees are washed away due to her worship. Her power is unfailing and instantly fruitful.

Small but wonderful:

to bring luck one can try with any nine coins of any country and of any ages; put them in a red envelop, stick it with gum and put1381356_540746626011466_1018421734_n in under the welcome matt outside or inside the door wherever the matt is;

Believe me you can see the change with immediate effect.