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Gems & Directions

Vastu and Gem stone:

We generally wear different types of stones in the form of jewelries on wrist or neck but they are just not the jewelries they are hidden powers of universe and start acting accordingly. They have such powers which works on your physical health, relationship, career and  emotions.

necklace bracelet silver-ring

Gemology is a vast science which attracts not only the powers of Planets but stars too. This is for sure that as soon as the person takes birth, this universe puts it rays on to that individual in any form of noun either living or non-living. The usage of gem stones can intensify or diminish the good or bad effect of the planets and stars.

For Human Beings Gem stones has proved to be a boon if used with right direction, right time and right procedure. Gems are crystalize minerals and can be used for  curing of ailments.  Its has been proved that Gem Stones has the probabilities and possibilities of intensifying the positive powers of the planets. Every stones have relationship with some or the other planets and by taking the powers from the planets Gem Stones fill enormous happiness and positivity in one’s life. From the early age humans came to know the powers of Gem Stones.

gemstones1 gemstones

In the birth chart or horoscope the planetary position put lot of impact on the humans; positive and negative and to rectify the situations Gem Stones proves to be the masters not only in improving the conditions of humans but of the business and vastu too.

Blue Sapphire and West:

If any showrooms or shop is facing towards West then to improve more with lots of prosperity one should keep Blue Sapphire on the west side as West represent Saturn and this will help in improving the business.

saturn blue-sapphire

Ruby and East:

If any shop or showrooms is facing towards East then to improve more with prosperity one should keep Ruby on the Eastern side of the Showroom and Ruby is the stone for Sun.

ruby sun

Red Coral & South:

There are many shops and showroom facing south and to enhance the productivity one should keep Red Coral on that direction. South is govern by Mars and red coral represent Mars.

red-coral1 mars

Yellow Sapphire and North East:

If any showroom is facing North East and to enhance the prosperity of it one needs to keep Yellow Sapphire on the North East. Jupiter governs the North East direction and yellow sapphire represents Jupiter.

jupiter yellow-sapphire

Diamond and South East:

If any showroom is facing South East and to enhance the prosperity of that direction then one needs to keep Diamond. Diamond governs the South East direction and South East direction is monitored by Venus.

diamond venus

Pearl and North West:

Showroom with North West Door can bring lots of good luck if Pearl is place on that direction then business will grow in multifold. North West is monitored by Moon and pearl is the stone of the moon.

pearl moon

Hessonite and South West:

If anybody showroom is facing towards South West and to improve the productivity of the showroom one needs to keep hessonite on that direction. South West is monitored by RAHU (Dragon’s Head) and Hessonite represent RAHU.

hessonite rahu

Emerald and North:

Showroom with North opening helps a lot in bringing fortune if one keeps Emerald. Emerald represents North and North is govern by Mercury.

emerald1 emerald mercury

All the stones are related to one or the other directions and keeping them on that direction is beneficial because gemstones as per the direction changes the aura and improvise the vibration of that direction which bring prosperity and luck.

Astro Metals


Platinum is one of the most precious metal and the stones which are mended in this metal are powered with lot of energy and vigor. Categorically for Emerald and Blue Sapphire if the Platinum is used then the power gets doubled. For Emerald minimum 3 carat and for Blue Sapphire and Diamond it should be 5 carat and 1.5 carat respectively.

There is a huge magnetic force present in Platinum. As it comes out at the time of Volcano eruption and cannot be seen with the naked eye.

raw-platinum1  raw-platinum

Out of Gold, Silver and Platinum; Platinum is the expensive metal. The density of Platinum is heavy; to molten this metal 1773 degree of heat is required. Hardness is 4 of this metal. After 1920 the usage of Platinum is more than before.


For last  many years copper is being used by human beings. It is easily mined from the womb of the earth. Compare to Gold and Silver; Copper is very useful metal. This metal is cheap and easily available. Copper was mainly used for making coins, utensils for household work, even ornaments. This metal has its own existence and can be easily recognized. This is deep brown in color; in some place the color of copper is black , blue and sometimes green too.  This metal is heavy and hard and its hardness is 2-3. This is found mainly in Michigan in America, Arizona, New Mexico and some parts of India.

Copper is used in mending gems stones into it also. Copper is a very good conductor and when used with the stones then magical power of spirituality, healing power and energetic transformation happens very fast.  Blue turquoise, chrysocolla and Azurite stones works very good in Copper.

copper-ring1  copper-ring

 If copper is mixed with Gold or silver then the power increases. Crystalline stones are not good if mended in copper.

Pearl & Coral are not very good reactor if mended in Copper cause they are mainly having the properties of fossils which copper is bad conductor.


Bronze has the quality to shine like Gold sometime when there is less humidity and bright sun shine or the atmosphere is free from salty air like not near the coastal region. Like copper; bronze has also got the quality of transferring lots of materialistic power in the body of the wearer. Iron is more in Bronze that’s why whenever any stone is mended it gives all the power to protect the wearer like a shield. Any stone with golden shine can be mended on Bronze.

bronze-ring     bronze-ring1

Metals does play very important role not only in the form of jewelries but they are medicinal too.

Some tips on Money Matters:

The feng shui element of the Southeast area is Wood, so be mindful about not placing Metal or Fire element objects and colors in your feng shui money area.88015

In the destructive cycle of the five feng shui elements Metal cuts the Wood and Fire burns the Wood. As your focus is to strengthen the Wood feng shui element energy of the Money area, it is best to avoid the elements that weaken the Wood.

To make the area strong just follow these steps:d320cc57fde449e5954911b88adaf4d3

1> Healthy, lush green plants
2> A beautiful water feature (actual or an image)
3> Colors blue, green and brown, the colors of the feng shui
elements of Wood and Water.
4. You can also add the colors of the feng shui element of Earth, as
Earth supports the Wood element.

Something for Ladies (to bring prosperity):

A woman’s purse is a collector of things – and sometimes those things are downright unhealthful.JINQIAOER-Women-Waterproof-Handbag-Ladies-Zipper-Closure-Grab-Handle-Ornament-Front-Side-Pocket-Shoulder-Bag-Tote

Ironically, a woman’s handbag is also the place where she carries her wealth and financial power. So its become the symbol of wealth and danger to health also

1. Elevate your purse.You’d never see a man put his wallet on the floor, yet women put their purses on the floor all the time – in the restroom, at restaurants, at work. Always keep your purse elevated and off the floor. And never, ever, put it on the floor of the restroom. Hang it on a door hinge or the corner of the door.

2. Keep it clean.
Resist the temptation to throw gum or food wrappers, bits of paper or used tissues into your purse. What does it say when you carry trash in the same place as your money? Garbage should go in a trashcan and never into a purse.
3. Mind the change.
Avoid throwing change into your purse where it will fall to the bottom of the bag. This is disrespectful to money. If it’s too inconvenient to put change into a zippered coin compartment in your wallet, buy an old fashioned coinpurse that makes collecting change easy – and getting it out for tolls or parking meters — convenient too.
4. Buy thoughtfully.
Like a bra, never buy a purse just for the fashion name or for how it looks. Make sure the purse hangs on your shoulder comfortably, and like a good bra, stays there. Even better, find 4162-14139-1413970196791-Buy-Butterflies-Criss-cross-Hand-Bag-Online-at-Best-Prices-In-India--Flipkarta purse with enough compartments to hold small items like pens, your cell phone, and other items you need to get to quickly. Make sure you can easily close your purse for security sake, that you can find what you need and that the purse is working for you, not the other way around.
5. Avoid wallet clutter.
Get a wallet that helps you stay organized with your money. Your money should be easily arranged, not rammed into a wad, and your credit cards should be easily accessible. Also, have only as many credit cards as you absolutely need. Too many credit cards becomes a financial trap,Lastly, make sure your wallet has more room for money and less space for credit cards.
open black bag with female cosmetic accessories
Black purse with red wallet — a great combination for East people. Black represents wealth and red energizes success — and the money that comes with it.
9. Choose your wealth color. Selecting a purse in a color that resonates with your personal wealth energy will help stimulate your wealth and money-making opportunities. If you don’t want to buy a purse in your personal wealth colors, other good options include red, metallic, white, black, andblue.1390728_542085509210911_378791379_nThe No. 1 feng shui rule for your purse? Don’t buy it unless you absolutely love it – and then treat it that way. Keep it clean, organized, and off the floor. Your money mojo will be activated and you’ll have more to spend and save. Show your purse some love!

-Kathryn Weber

Karwa Chauth

Now a days many unmarried girls keep fasts for their boyfriends or to have a life partner of their choice; Some young girls who are unfortunately and surprisingly still single keeps this fast of Karwa Chauth in the wish that they get their partner as soon as possible .1401921_547082818711180_431999271_o

What to do:

After taking bath get yourself dressed with beautiful Red, Pink, Rani colors in your attire today; have darshan of Maa Gauri or Durga seek blessing of her….say what kind of life partner you really seeks for…..lit a ghee diya and place it on Maa Gauri’s right hand side and put a glass of water in front of her and a sweet of your choice.

Keeping fast is not necessary but have that much only which won’t make you dizzy or fatigue. After this head towards the terrace or at any place where the moon can be visible. Once the moon is visible, see through it with your duppata or anchal of your saari; the Moon deity will give you blessings; come back and have that sweet and glass of water……..

All the best.


Probably a quarter or one third of the earth’s population believes in astrology to some extent, and a 1997 survey for Life magazine shows that about 48 percent of Americans believe that astrology is valid. Second, 90 per cent Indians believe in astrology, which is pure superstition and humbug. Even a little common sense tells us that the movements of stars and planets have nothing to do with our lives. Yet, TV channels showing astrology have high TRP ratings.

Upwards of 30 percent believe it to such an extent that they mold their self-image on their astrological sign (which means that if their sign says that they are “aggressive,” they view themselves as aggressive or otherway round) At least three-quarters of the newspapers in the United States and most of the countries carry daily horoscope columns. Upwards of 90 percent of people in the United States have described themselves as “open minded” and in India people are more than open minded about the veracity and usefulness of astrology.

Some 20 million books on astrology are sold in this country every year, all of them essentially pro-astrology because only about 6 books critiquing astrology have been written, and one is out of print. And why not? Compare how often favorable reports about astrology appear in the press with how often criticisms also appear.

Astrology can also have an impact upon political events. It has long been known that former President Ronald Reagan regularly consulted astrologers while he held office. According to Donald Regan in his book For the Record: In India almost all the Politicians to are believing in Astrology and performing yagnas or going to spiritual places just for the sake of getting the vote … but do they really get the result nope!!!! They would have won the seats if they could perform something better for the humanhood then performing rituals through astrology………which is a clear indication in recent election in Delhi, MP , Chattisgarh & Rajasthan..

Developing Personality…

Each individual is different from the other in lot many ways hsmorningmeditationand we discuss on “improving” personality,or some specialized Consultants Portray some “successful” or “good” and even conduct personality tests to ascertain the quality of Personality one is holding…

“Personality” is a get together of characteristics, traits, or qualities that form an individual’s distinctive character, behaviour, nature etc.

Presumption often turns out to be incorrect because the fact is that each individual is unique and different.

Can we explore couple of myth about “personality”.

Myth 1: Personality can be “developed”.yoga_three_panel

The so-called personality development, even if it works, happens through the process of training and the resultant learning. Both through nature and nurture, the individual’s unique personality gets developed in the childhood itself. As in MAHABHARATA EKLAVYA was developed with the personality of a born fierce fighter than ARJUNA; Eklavya developed his own skills through his concentration.
It is through the normal process of learning and un-learning that behavioral modifications are achieved in later years. “personality development” helps people do business, despite its lack of genuine result-orientation.

Myth 2: There are successful and unsuccessful personalities.

No individual is permanently a success or failure. Most successes are attributable to opportunities, situations etc. Instances in MAHABHARATA shows Dhristadyum the successful army commander of PANDAVAS who wins a battle and takes pride in lay down the head of Guru Dronacharya (the scholar of all weapons arts, who cannot be destroyed by anybody) did so because of the combination of many factors like the morale of the men, weaponry, weather or time.

yoga-pose[1]ON the other hand KAURAVAS’ Commander BHISMA the undisputed fighter of that ERA got killed becasue of an eunuch Shikhandi !!! Can we term Shikhandi as a best Personality and Bhisma was not ???

Good Fighter in the Battle field cannot become a good Corporate Manager… operation of work is different in both the place and Hence Branding personalities as good, bad, successful or unsuccessful is unrealistic.

Imagine being an astrologer in Vienna

March 2008 – The British National Archives at Kew, London have released new documents revealing more about the influence on astrology on the Second World War.

Imagine being an astrologer in Vienna in 1910 and a struggling Austrian artist gives you his birth details: April 20, 1889 6.30pm. What could one say? Well it appears a lot of astrologers have analysed Hitler’s chart with many different agendas.

The precision of Krafft’s Predictions unnerved the Nazis.eclipse-eye

Hitlers Astrologer? In 1923, Hitler was impressed by a prediction that a man born on his birth date would sweep to power. After a later accurate prediction of an attempt to assassinate Hitler in 1939, the Nazi’s arrested Swiss astrologer, Karl Ernst Krafft (b. 10 May, 1900 – 1945). Once convinced of his innocence, they employed his services in various ways.

How Krafft became Hitler’s astrologerkeksm

His first ‘commission’ was from the Minister for Propaganda Goebbels who wanted Krafft to research and interpret the quatrains of the French 16th century mystic Nostradamus in a way that supported the longevity of the Third Reich. In 1940, Krafft gave a private reading for Hitler to one of his aides, but never met the Fuehrer. Subsequently, Hitler was highly impressed by the results of one of Krafft’s forecasts and one that may have influenced the timing of Hitler’s initially successful attack (Operation Barossa) on the Soviet Union.

Many people say that beauty

Many people say that beauty is skin deep was far off the mark. Beauty actually penetrates much deeper than our outer skin beauty or something which can be seen. No matter how perfect your physical features are, without inner beauty a person will never be attractive.

Some inner beauty treatments can be tried out to look really beautiful and for other to feel you are beautiful:very-happy-woman

Need to be happy:

Even if you don’t feel it at first, smiling and being happy are habit-forming. When you smile and act happy, eventually you can’t stop. It’s becomes like a song that gets stuck in your head.

As Swami Vivekananda said” if you are not happy, you don’t have right to make other unhappy by showing your sour face;”

one do lot of makeover to style themselves for looking handsome or beautiful in the same way one should have spiritual routine too everyday…

Something for others:nature-human-1

There are lot of individuals who are inneed of something which probably you can share or help them in their struggling. We tend to ignore lot of things but more concentrate on our worldly matters.

The best part is if we can just share there feeling or sorrows that only can bring smile on there long faces……

that would be enough……bring smile or give smile ….

An act of kindness nourishes not only your spirit, but another person’s spirit.

Something We Lovenuggetpic

Take out time for yourself and do something which you are longing to do; which you think can make you happy…..reading, painting, cooking, trekking, making your beautiful, want to gift something buy for them.

Giving time to self is related to spirituality.

Connecting self with the Nature:

You can take a morning walk looking at the rising sun feeling connected to it; do meditation n feel connected ; join an NGO do something for deprived and feel connected…..there are lot of things which can really take us closer to the nature and feel us great……

Some tips on personality development through Vastu:

vastu_for_meditation• South-east is known for Fire, aggression and adamancy ….one should avoid sleeping at this corner. As this really put lot of impact on the human character…..
• East or North-east is known for peace and progress; which is good for children as well as something related to spirituality or calmness. Study room of Children should be here as it makes them develop their skills and concentration; which in result they come out with flying colors. Puja room should be at this corner as this bring peace and if someone meditate the results would be immediate.
• At the time of studies one should face East or North or North-East either for Children or Adults…this not only helps in inculcating the subject one is going through but improves on mental strength too.
• South East as hot place of the Vastu is considered to be the best for Leadership and overall qualities of Masters; which in turn not only gives good command but also make people adhere what they preach either in office or anywhere….Put Gas Stove or Oven, Gas Cylinder or any fire related item is good at this corner….but avoid sleeping . Success is surely to touch your feet with lot of 3Ds (Determination, Dedication and Devotion)A World Of Faith
• South-West is Master’s place lot of Power residing in that area; which needed to be covered with thick wall; that place is governed by element Earth attributed with steadiness and authority / firmness. Confidence of the people is very high who sleeps or stay at this corner of the house…..
• North-west is related to Air… lot of tours will be on the cards if somebody resides at that corner, lot of new ideas with leadership quality…eloquent speakers …can become a good consultants too…ideal place for somebody who are into Marketing and Sales or import export…It improve analytical ability to sort out the matter fast…