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Root No. 3

People whose DOB is 3,12,21,30 belong to Root no.3 Master Planet of this number is Jupiter. Jupiter is sitting on high pedastal….Native who belong to this number are highly 297px-Sign_language_W.svgcourageous, very ambitious and optimistic. They are power hungry. They need optimum authority in their hands. They are dutiful. They are wise, teacher or preachers….
They like to travel and get several chances to travel abroad. They are outspoken and say tings bluntly.
Women of Root No. 3 can be more successful then men, if they enter the field of their choice..In business no. 3 people are best trusted as they do not cheat.

They must take some precautions like they must not spend so number3lavishly. They can have urinary, skin or gastric related problems. Hence they should get suitable treatment. They like delicious food but should eat under limits. They should not envy others or misuse their authority. Too much of optimism is also not good for them because hope and pessimism are two sides of life.

Root No.: 5

imaggesLets see what Numerology says for the people who takes birth on 5,14 or 23rd of any month which indicates 5 as their Basic No. The master planet of 5 is Mercury and main deity is Goddess Lakshmi.

Their business acumen is wonderful. Whateeer they do, due to their grip on commercial matters they make money from other sources also.. They can find Gold in Sand also.

They are tender , thinking type, active, flexible, writers and good at the art of speaking. They know how to make friends and how to maintain friendship. So the number of their number_5_outlineadmirers and followers keeps swelling. They are sentimental too and take very quick decision.

Their financial fortunes keep fluctuation but don’t need to worry about their old age. They must marry early which will prove boon to them.

One of the reason for their popularity is that they become serious with elders, youthful in company of youngsters and people of opposite sex are immensely attracted by their charm.number-5

Living in fresh atmosphere is good for you. In middle age the effects of work done starts appearing. Blood pressure is a common problem. skin problem would be very common. Hence need to take balanced diet and tonic/medicines. Regular exercise is must.

Basic No. 6:

gold_number_6WOW!!!! This number has got something special in them..some magnetic charisma. Natives are born on 6th, 15th or 24th of any month gets Basic No.6.

Master planet of this number is Venus. This is a bright, shining planet, which can be seen with naked eyes without the help of binoculars. No other planet is so shining. That explains why the personality, habits and living style of these people are so colorful and bright. Physically their figure and body has a magnetic quality like that of Venus. 410N2GX1QCL._SY355_

Venus is universally accepted as the deity of love and beauty symbol of married life, mutual attraction between the two sexes and materialism.  These people cannot tolerate clumsiness and are also lovers of art and nature. They are in best spirits when in natural surroundings, hill station, jungle, resort or at a sea shore. These people are not normally very rich but spend too much on glamour and romantic activities. They will die for anyone whom they like. They play excellent host and believe in living this short life with utmost merrymaking.

They believe in GOD.They start on a low pitch and reach the apex of popularity.NUMBER-SIX

First of all these people should curtail their expenses. Intake of Alcohol after the age of 42 should be curbed. Avoid spicy food. Reduce weight a little, go in for a morning walk …pls. don’t force your ideas on others and on contrary should not blindly trust everyone.

Basic No.7

Those who are born on 7,16 or 25th day of any month belong 161665447_terra-cotta-look-no-7-house-number-tile-coasterto basic No. 7. Master planet of this number is Ketu. This number is representative of time cycle rules. It is also a symbol of 7 situations of man. There are 7 days in a week, 7 syllable in music tone and 7 colors n light. This is also a mysterious number.

The Lord of this number is GOD Narsingha.

3 things about them are worth mentioning.
One is originality.
Two is independent thoughts.
Three is their towering personality.

Their physical and mental aspects are in good harmony but imag6esthey are more leaning towards intellectualism and spiritualism. Anyone who meets them can never forget them.

Due to deity of water element they hae special attraction for water. Sitting on a seashore or watching a river or a water fall fills their heart with joy. They like getting themselves drenched in rain.

The basic no. 7 people are quite Artistic, Writers, Numerologists, Astrologers or mediators. They face some 7NumberSevenInCircledifficulties in their early phase but after they achieve adulthood ie. after the age of 21…..They can be a very good politician, quite introvert, large hearted.



Lot of time people will try to defame them; so need to be bit careful. By and large they are of balanced mind and practical. After 50 they should pay due attention to their health…

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Basic No. 8

Those who are born on 8, 17, or 26 of any month are of basic no. 8.. Master of this number is Saturn, which is a planet of wind element.

This number illustrates accomplishment of work. Saturn is an altogether different type of planet. Its is surrounded by two beautiful rings consists big stones & ice some as big as Mountain Himalayas..im9agesAccording to western scholars, Saturn is a hard and discipline loving planet..Ancient Greeks took it to be a symbol of justice and equality. If one writes 8 in English, one can see two circles joint together which represent meeting ground of two diverse thoughts. i.e., intellect and spiritualism.

When these natives are pleased with someone they will stand like a protective shield for him, but if they are angry at a person then they will see to it that the poor chap is ruined. these people are very soft at heart and trust everyone.

No. 8 represents unpredictable events, delays and failures. It is true that difficulties and struggles are associated with this number but this is a powerful number and gives such wonderful rewards to basic no. 8 natives, for their labour which no other plane can give.

Many of the worlds top revolutionaries, successful imag2espoliticians and history makers were of basic no. 8. They are ahead of their times and have a sixth sense.

Everything in their lives happens like a Comet. destiny hits them so hard that anybody would break. But these natives take things in their strides, accept their bad luck and get ready to start their efforts a new. They do not get due importance during their lifetime but are respected after death. ” Har koi bolenge kitna Mahaan insaan tha”…


These natives must take precautions on some habits. if they are womanizers then they are advised to get reformed..if they are addicted to some drugs, wine etc they must leave this.074153-rounded-glossy-black-icon-alphanumeric-m08-clearThey should be flexible in their attitude as they have to live in the society. As the age advances they may have headache, kidney, liver, piles and such other problems,…pls. take your medicine and do exercise on time. Be composed and meditate.

basic no. 1

Natives born on 1,10,19,28 day of any month have basic no.1 . Master Planet of this number is Sun..From 1 only many emerge . Just as Sun is at the central point of cosmos, which governs or controls other planets and other planets revolve around it. Similarly No.1 enjoys the same status in the world of numbers.number11_16955192It is not easy to make a list of qualities of such natives. As all are humans have some qualities and faults. Howsoever strong the fate may be every person makes mistakes. Their personality is impressive. They are fun loving. Their personality is distinct from other in the group. They have some magnetic attraction by birth. People are impressed by them and are drawn towards them.These people like independence by nature and do not relish working under someone else. At times problems arise in their relations with their peers or superiors because of this natural trait. They are hardworking, loyal towards heir family and organisation as well as wise.c8a89eead768147e5165b02b210ba1a6

They are not only courageous, enterprising, strugglers but also forbearing. His friend circle goes on widening. They always try to do something new. They know their destination and do not rest till they reach there.


All said and done but such people should not be too arrogant. It is always prudent to be a little compromising and flexible. It is also good to be a lover of beauty but one must guard against falling prey to a beautiful damsel. They would do well if they avoid taking undue risk due to their overconfidence. Need to respect the feeling of their peers and life partners. So far woman natives of basic no. 1 are concerned they number1always tender correct advice to their husbands. They can make a mark in the areas of arts , painting, interior decoration, theatre, film etc. Their main attributes are sociality, good behaviour and cheerfulness. Inspite of worries and hurdles, they make full use of oppurtunities and achieve success in the home and outside also.

Basic No. 2

Number 2 symbolizes dualism and antagonism. Due to it being a duel number internal conflict is inherent in it. victory- defeat, heaven-hell, darkness-light,profit-loss, rise-fall, dark-fair, brother-sister,true-false, and may such pairs of antagonistic word can be made. So a glimpses of antagonism of the two opposite side or faces are reflected in this number.imuages

Those who are born on 2,11,20 & 29 of any month have 2 as their Basic No. Master Planet of this number Moon. There is always a good understanding between 1 and 2.. It is feminine part. Its planet is Moon which is nearest to Earth. Moon is considered the moulder of mind and is related to elder ladies of the household. It is due to them that the family exists. That is why no. 2 is also said to be a symbol of completeness.

Natives of no. 2 basic umber are of pleasing personality, ima7gesimaginative and sentimental. They are themselves beautiful and their liking for beauty is not lustful but decent and matured They have some sort of hypnotic ability which attracts others. Serving and helping others is their natural quality. They can’t say no to anyone and do everything methodically.

They cannot be said to be physically strong but are masters of intellectual wealth. They can perform their best only working under someone else supervision. they often need moral support or encouragement of others. They never hesitate to accept their mistakes. They are experts in guessing what others are thinking. They are best arbitrators and hence people in the external affairs of diplomatic fields seek their help and they too extend or give the most acceptable advice.

They have another speciality of acquiring virtues. What ever good they see, they try to emulate. They are excellent hosts. When others bypass them or make progress, they feel happy. 2NumberTwoInCircleThey bear no ill will or jealousy towards anyone. They also know how to take work from others and that too without any coercion . They like to live in clean surroundings.


Women of 2 basic number are advised not enter into wedlock at an early age. They must marry a person of 2,7,5 or 9 basic number only otherwise married life wil be lacking in sweetness. They may have abdominal problems, Hence they should take care of their diet. They are devoted housewives and their attitude towards family and husband is exemplary. They have natural liking of gardening, music and drama.