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Feng-Shui in Car Parking

Vehicular traffic can bring unpredictable energy into an area. We need to examine the location of the parking area in the apartment ground before we can choose a unit or even the building itself. The following types of parking areas are desirable, because they are removed from the apartment building and therefore do not bring unpredictable energy into the residential area.

# A parking area that is isolated from the apartment building.

# Parking space in an underground garage , but not directly under the apartment building.

# Parking on the street , if the street is not too near the entrance of the apartment building.

# A bowl like enclosure in front of the apartment building.

The following kinds of parking areas are undesirable:

# A garage that is located underneath the apartment building, whether above of below ground, which will destabilize the energy in
the apartment building as well as bring unpredictable energy into the residential road.

# A parking area where the cars drive up towards the apartment units.