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Today is Maha-Ashtami:

Maa Durga is worshiped as Maa Mahagauri on eighth Navratri.Shubh-Durga-Ashtami-Glitter-Picture

Mahagauri is the eight form of Goddess Shakti. Her color is white. Whiteners is shown by shell, moon etc. Mahagauri means one clean and bright like a ray of lightning.

Maa MahaGauri Pooja on Ashhtami in Navratri Festival
This is the form of Goddess Parvati when she did penance to get Lord Shiva as her husband. It is believed that due to the main-qimg-221a969d3c0cdc948919acc1e0f6cba8intense Tapas performed by her without moving caused soil and dust to collect on her body. Lord Shiva cleaned her with water from Ganga that’s why she get whiteners as shine & got the name as Maha Gauri. Purity is depicted in this form of Durga.

The Goddess is in the form of eight-year old child with complexion as fair as a conch, moon and jasmine. Her clothes and ornaments are white and pure. She has three eyes and four arms. Her right upper hand is in the pose of allaying fear and right lower hand holds a trident in it. The left upper hand holds a tambourine and the lower one is in the pose of blessing. All sins of devotees are washed away due to her worship. Her power is unfailing and instantly fruitful.

Small but wonderful:

to bring luck one can try with any nine coins of any country and of any ages; put them in a red envelop, stick it with gum and put1381356_540746626011466_1018421734_n in under the welcome matt outside or inside the door wherever the matt is;

Believe me you can see the change with immediate effect.

Maa Siddhidatri is the ninth form of Goddess Durga worshiped in Navaratri.

Maa Siddhidatri is the ninth form of Goddess Durga Kushmanda-Navadurga-Hindu-Goddesses-and-Deities1worshiped in Navaratri. The last among the nine forms of Maa Shakti is Goddess Siddhidatri who is worshiped on the ninth or final day of Navratri.

‘Siddhi’ is a Sanskrit term which means ‘perfection’. Goddess Siddhidatri has four arms. She holds a Chakra in her right lower hand and a mace in the upper. In the left lower hand there is a conch and in her upper left hand a lotus flower. She is seated on a lotus flower with the lion as her mount.Maa-Siddhidatri

The Goddess Siddhidatri is capable of giving all sorts of occult powers and is also the possessor of 26 different wishes to grant her worshipers.

day has come to say Good Bye to MAA DURGA and again to wait for a year long

Finally the day has come to say Good Bye to MAA DURGA and again to wait for a year long to have her Darshan and to bisorjn-final-480x300find her among us….That’s the irony and the craze too..

Durga Puja has come to an end. For Bengalis and for others too, it is not just a five-day festival — its a festival of coming back together again from the rat race which we are in; after forgetting everything we enjoy too the fullest extent.

Perhaps for many of us including teens, Durga Puja is their initiation in Bengali classical music & Rabndra Sangeet as they play on loudspeakers in pandals. We come into our DURGA-BADI-VISARJAN-6traditional dresses by putting off jeans – T shirts, top & skirts for kurta-pyjama and beautiful sarees clad look, With the bhashan over , we will all go back to our modern, hi-tech lives, only to come back next year, lured by the smell of incense and the sound of the dhaks

Sharad purnima is the Full moon night of Ashwin month

Sharad purnima is the Full moon night of Ashwin month. It is said to have great healing and health-giving powers. ‘Sharad’ means cool and purnima is full moon night.Full-moon-of-sharad-purnima-1

This year the auspicious night of Ashwin month will fall on 18th October 2013. The night of Sharad Purnima holds great religious and spiritual significance. There are many beliefs and names associated to this auspicious night.

Rituals for Sharad purnima 2013
1> The main ritual is worshiping Lord Krishna, Moon and Maa Laxmi.
2> You should keep vigil at night to seek the blessings of Maa Laxmi.
3> Prepare Kheer and keep it in moonlight to get the divine essence.

Some Car Parking tips:

Best place for vehicle parking area is in the North-West direction and the second option is the South-East of the plot.

car-parking-shed-design-india-2If the selection is North-West, then it involves lot of travelling that lead to your success and well-being and the vehicle remains in the parking area only for a very short time.

North-East direction for the parking is not recommended because it is the direction for the heavenly forces and this should not be obstructed.

South-West direction carries lot of negative energies, the vehicle will not come out of the parking area only, and would it require constant repairing.1383246_545798698839592_861590091_n

In case if the parking area is facing the South or West, there may be lot of chances to catch fire or related.

Best colors for parking area is any white or any other brighter colors.
So to have a safe CAR and TRAVEL just follow the steps mentioned above.


A single rose of any color depicts utmost devotion

flower festival 4Two roses entwined together communicate “Marry me”.

Six Roses signify a need to be loved or cherished

Eleven roses assure the recipient they are truly and deeply loved.images (2)

Thirteen roses indicate a secret admirer.

So next time if you give roses count it for the purpose you have.

The festival of Dhanteras

The festival of Dhanteras is also known as Dhantrayodashi and Dhanvantari Trayodashi (Dhanwantari Trayodashi). 2014-dhanterasThis festival marks the beginning of the Diwali celebrations and it is considered the first day of five days long festivities of Diwali. The term ‘Dhanteras’ includes of two factors ‘dhan’, which means wealth and ‘teras’, which means thirteenth. Here thirteenth is meant to indicate the day ‘Trayodashi’, i.e. the thirteenth day of the month on which Dhanteras falls. Dhanvantari Trayodashi (Dhanwantari Trayodashi) is celebrated on the thirteenth lunar day of Krishna Paksha, of the Hindu month of Kartik, which is two days before Diwali.


Some tested and highly effective Divine Vastu Tips are given 8150307790_4712b4ab31_obelow which will help homeowners in DHANTERAS & DEEPAWALI


It is a believed that Goddess Lakshmi only enters a clean house. Throw the useless old things in your home as they obstruct the positive energy from entering in. Dispose of all those old magazines, clothes, broken furniture, crockery or children’s toys that are never going to be used. Make your home neat and clean this Diwali. It will pave the way for prosperity and dissipate stagnant energy too. Diwali is the time to de-clutter.

Clean It Up:

Carpet-Cleaning-Chennai-House-Cleaning-Service-Chennai-20150713092704Clean the entire house, including those neglected corners, which are seldom attended to. If possible energize your apartment or building by either whitewashing or applying a fresh coat of paint, as the final step towards giving your home a brand new look.

Spray Salt Water:



Mix rock sea salt with water and spray this saline solution at all corners of the house. According to Vastu Shastra, salt has a property to absorb all evil energies within the house. Add a pinch of energy salt or ‘Sendha Namak’ while mopping the floor to ward off negativity. Place rock salt (filled in glass bowl) in all the four corners of your home or office.

Light up:

JW64Bbr4QbK0q3YkfeAR_christmas_light_houseThe reason why ‘light’ is an important feature of Diwali is that it is supposed to ward off evil spirits, bring in prosperity and energize the surroundings. It is also believed that homes that are well-lit are always more in tune with attracting wealth, so make sure that your home is shining nice and bright this Diwali. For decoration, using specific colored lighting bulbs for different directions are as follows:

North: Put extra blue, yellow and green colored light bulbs for decorating the house.
East: Use more of red, orange and yellow light bulbs.
South: Decorate with white, indigo, violet and red colored light bulbs.
West: Add more yellow, orange, pink and gray light bulbs.