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From the beginning of the civilization human being started finding some benefits from stones and using them for their day to day need started from hunting to fire their food; and to make shelters. Gradually they saw metals and after touching them they got fascinated. Human started using the metals in different fields.

Humans started using the metals by putting different colored stones in them and wearing them. Later on one sect came up who started making jewelries by putting stones in them and they are known as Jewelers. Astrologers started connecting metals with the planets and then people came to know about the power of the metals.


From ancient times people are attracted towards Gold and people have tendency to hoard it also. And after Gold; Silver, Copper, Bronze, Aluminum. The color of Gold is yellow and its known as yellow metal also. In the beginning of the stage it is mixed with Silver and sometime with copper and iron also. In the mines it is present with quartz also. Hardness of the Gold is 2.5 to 3. Gold is very powerful in transferring energy and when any stone is mended with Gold then the power of stone is multiplied many fold. The usage of Gold is a sign of prosperity.

Now the most important is what should be the minimum carat of the Gold while mending stones. For Ruby 2.5 carat of Gold; For Coral 6 carat of Gold; For Emerald 3 carat; for Yellow Sapphire 3 carat. Diamond should be on 1.5 carat; Hessonite to be on 5 carat at least. The power of Gold is magical and gives lots of popularity.



Silver is very shiny white metal and represents Moon. In the Gems stone Pearl is used mainly for Moon on Silver. After Gold the only metal which is in use mostly by People are Silver.

Silver is symbol of self respect. Like Gold it does not intensify the power of the stone but controls the power of the stones and keep them active for the long time. Pearl can be worn with 2,4,6, or 11 carat silver. Emerald should be mended on 3 carat, Diamond to be mended on 1.5 carat; Blue Sapphire should be on 5 carat.


This metal is really beautiful that’s why Coins, the figures of deities are made of Silver and because of its therapeutic use even utensils are also made of silvers and are being used for remedies. Wearing silver can remove depression and anger. Hardness of this metal is 2.5. Silver is quite malleable.