Astha Siddhi (Eight Accomplishments in Spiritual World.

1. (Atom) Anima - The ability to shrink your body like a molecule. 2. Glory (Mahima) - Ability to greatly enlarge body size. 3. Dignity (Garima) - The ability to make the body extremely heavy. 4. Lightness (Laghima) - Ability to deplete the body. 5. Achievement (Prapti) - Ability to go to any place without stopping. 6. Prakāmya (Bestower)- The ability to fulfill each of your desires. 7. Controller (Ishitva)  - Ability to have absolute authority over everything and anything. 8. Captivity (Vashitva) - the ability to subdue every creature. Ashta Siddhi are those Siddhi, by which one can be able to dwell in any form and body. He can exceed the limits of subtlety and be as subtle and as big as he wants.
1. Anima: The first Siddhi of Ashta Siddhi is Anima, which means! We have the power to refine our body like a molecule. Just as we cannot see a molecule with our naked eyes, in the same way, after attaining perfection, no other person can see the one who attains perfection. The seeker is capable of holding a microscopic body equal to one molecule at any time.
Mahima: Glory is exactly the opposite of Anima, Glory, whenever a seeker is able to make his body unlimited, he can expand his body to any extent.
Garima: After attaining this accomplishment, seekers can increase their body weight in unlimited ways. The size of a seeker is limited, but the weight of his body increases so much that no power can move him.
Laghima: The body of a seeker can be so light that it can fly faster than the wind. His body weight becomes negligible.
Prapti: The seeker can go to any place, anywhere without any hindrance. By becoming invisible to other humans according to their will, seekers can go wherever they want to go and no one can see it.
Prakamya: The seeker can understand the matter of one's mind very easily, then whether the person in front of him can express his mind.
Ishvata: This is the title of God, after attaining this accomplishment, the seeker himself becomes God, he can establish his dominion over the world.
Vashitav: After attaining mastery, seekers can keep any person as their slave. He can control anyone he wants or can cause defeat to anyone. 

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