Gems & Directions

Vastu and Gem stone:

We generally wear different types of stones in the form of jewelries on wrist or neck but they are just not the jewelries they are hidden powers of universe and start acting accordingly. They have such powers which works on your physical health, relationship, career and  emotions.

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Gemology is a vast science which attracts not only the powers of Planets but stars too. This is for sure that as soon as the person takes birth, this universe puts it rays on to that individual in any form of noun either living or non-living. The usage of gem stones can intensify or diminish the good or bad effect of the planets and stars.

For Human Beings Gem stones has proved to be a boon if used with right direction, right time and right procedure. Gems are crystalize minerals and can be used for  curing of ailments.  Its has been proved that Gem Stones has the probabilities and possibilities of intensifying the positive powers of the planets. Every stones have relationship with some or the other planets and by taking the powers from the planets Gem Stones fill enormous happiness and positivity in one’s life. From the early age humans came to know the powers of Gem Stones.

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In the birth chart or horoscope the planetary position put lot of impact on the humans; positive and negative and to rectify the situations Gem Stones proves to be the masters not only in improving the conditions of humans but of the business and vastu too.

Blue Sapphire and West:

If any showrooms or shop is facing towards West then to improve more with lots of prosperity one should keep Blue Sapphire on the west side as West represent Saturn and this will help in improving the business.

saturn blue-sapphire

Ruby and East:

If any shop or showrooms is facing towards East then to improve more with prosperity one should keep Ruby on the Eastern side of the Showroom and Ruby is the stone for Sun.

ruby sun

Red Coral & South:

There are many shops and showroom facing south and to enhance the productivity one should keep Red Coral on that direction. South is govern by Mars and red coral represent Mars.

red-coral1 mars

Yellow Sapphire and North East:

If any showroom is facing North East and to enhance the prosperity of it one needs to keep Yellow Sapphire on the North East. Jupiter governs the North East direction and yellow sapphire represents Jupiter.

jupiter yellow-sapphire

Diamond and South East:

If any showroom is facing South East and to enhance the prosperity of that direction then one needs to keep Diamond. Diamond governs the South East direction and South East direction is monitored by Venus.

diamond venus

Pearl and North West:

Showroom with North West Door can bring lots of good luck if Pearl is place on that direction then business will grow in multifold. North West is monitored by Moon and pearl is the stone of the moon.

pearl moon

Hessonite and South West:

If anybody showroom is facing towards South West and to improve the productivity of the showroom one needs to keep hessonite on that direction. South West is monitored by RAHU (Dragon’s Head) and Hessonite represent RAHU.

hessonite rahu

Emerald and North:

Showroom with North opening helps a lot in bringing fortune if one keeps Emerald. Emerald represents North and North is govern by Mercury.

emerald1 emerald mercury

All the stones are related to one or the other directions and keeping them on that direction is beneficial because gemstones as per the direction changes the aura and improvise the vibration of that direction which bring prosperity and luck.

2 thoughts on “Gems & Directions”

  1. Are gems and crystals same? If no then what is the difference? Do metals also play an important part to ractify the vastu dosh of a showroom?
    My showroom had vastu dosh and a copper strip was put to make the place rectangle.Is it possible to remove all vastu dosh by putting metal or gems or crystals?

    1. Gems and Crystals are not same and with different forms and they both are mined from the womb of the earth. Crystals and Gems have different molecular properties as per the color of the stones. Stones and Crystals work in different format but can be used for the same healing purpose with different procedure.
      Metal is again a very important player in healing any inauspicious VASTU. There are many aspect in VASTU through putting stones yes you can definitely ignite the positive power of the showroom but would advise to consult with a Vastu Consultant before incorporating them.

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