Astro Metals


Platinum is one of the most precious metal and the stones which are mended in this metal are powered with lot of energy and vigor. Categorically for Emerald and Blue Sapphire if the Platinum is used then the power gets doubled. For Emerald minimum 3 carat and for Blue Sapphire and Diamond it should be 5 carat and 1.5 carat respectively.

There is a huge magnetic force present in Platinum. As it comes out at the time of Volcano eruption and cannot be seen with the naked eye.

raw-platinum1  raw-platinum

Out of Gold, Silver and Platinum; Platinum is the expensive metal. The density of Platinum is heavy; to molten this metal 1773 degree of heat is required. Hardness is 4 of this metal. After 1920 the usage of Platinum is more than before.


For last  many years copper is being used by human beings. It is easily mined from the womb of the earth. Compare to Gold and Silver; Copper is very useful metal. This metal is cheap and easily available. Copper was mainly used for making coins, utensils for household work, even ornaments. This metal has its own existence and can be easily recognized. This is deep brown in color; in some place the color of copper is black , blue and sometimes green too.  This metal is heavy and hard and its hardness is 2-3. This is found mainly in Michigan in America, Arizona, New Mexico and some parts of India.

Copper is used in mending gems stones into it also. Copper is a very good conductor and when used with the stones then magical power of spirituality, healing power and energetic transformation happens very fast.  Blue turquoise, chrysocolla and Azurite stones works very good in Copper.

copper-ring1  copper-ring

 If copper is mixed with Gold or silver then the power increases. Crystalline stones are not good if mended in copper.

Pearl & Coral are not very good reactor if mended in Copper cause they are mainly having the properties of fossils which copper is bad conductor.


Bronze has the quality to shine like Gold sometime when there is less humidity and bright sun shine or the atmosphere is free from salty air like not near the coastal region. Like copper; bronze has also got the quality of transferring lots of materialistic power in the body of the wearer. Iron is more in Bronze that’s why whenever any stone is mended it gives all the power to protect the wearer like a shield. Any stone with golden shine can be mended on Bronze.

bronze-ring     bronze-ring1

Metals does play very important role not only in the form of jewelries but they are medicinal too.

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