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Like planets Birth Stars also plays very important role in humans life. Some Astrologers study and predicts on the basis of Birth Stars and some astrologers study and predicts on the basis of Planets. For detail analysis of human’s life one should go deep down into the Birth Star analysis and predictions too. Birth Stars give indepth insight of person’s personality and minute details of twelve aspects one is having in the chart.


There are 27 (twenty-seven) nakshatras or birth stars which are place above the Solar system and the planets are moving around the Sun and the Sun is also moving around these constellation at the speed of 70000 km/sec.


Names of the birth stars along with their Lords are given below with the meaning:


Sl. No Birth Stars Meaning Lord
1 Ashwini Horse headed Ketu (Dragon’s Tail)
2 Bharani Bearing person Shukra (Venus)
3 Krittika Cutting person Surya (Sun)
4 Rohini Beautiful Red Woman Chandra (Moon)
5 Mrigashira Deer Headed Mangal (Mars)
6 Adra Humid (Moist) Rahu (Dragon’s Head)
7 Punarvasu Reincarnated light Guru (Jupiter)
8 Pushya Sustenance Shani (Saturn)
9 Ashlesha Cuddling or hugging Budh (Mercury)
10 Magha Enormous or Mammoth Ketu (Dragon’s Tail)
11 PurvaPhalguni Prior to Reddish flower Shukra (Venus)
12 Uttar Phalguni Later to Reddish flower Surya (Sun)
13 Hasta The Palm Chandra (Moon)
14 Chitra The Sparkling one Mangal (Mars)
15 Swati freed Star Rahu (Dragon’s Head)
16 Visakha the Branches Guru (Jupiter)
17 Anuradha The Bright Star Shani (Saturn)
18 Jayestha Elderly Budh (Mercury)
19 Moola The Root Ketu (Dragon’s Tail)
20 Purva Asada Intelligent Shukra (Venus)
21 Uttar Asada Latter victory Surya (Sun)
22 Shravan Hearing Chandra (Moon)
23 Dhanistha Drum (mridanga) Mangal (Mars)
24 Satabhisha Compatible Rahu (Dragon’s Head)
25 PurvaBhadrapad Early Feet Guru (Jupiter)
26 Uttar Bhadrapad Later Feet Shani (Saturn)
27 Revati The Richest Budh (Mercury)

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