The Story Of The Ashwini Birth Star

Ashwini Birth Star:

The Ashwini Nakshatra is govern by Ketu (Dragon’s Tail) and the lord is Ashwini Kumar. During the Birth of a child they are governed and lead by a some specific birth Star. The classification is given below on every star along with their steps.


Pratham Charan (First Step)

2Character: The native who takes birth in the First step is medium in height; bit dusky in complexion. By nature native is selfish and lethargic. He is religious. Native is always alert for his aim or career and lives his or her life by his own will. The life partner of the native is rough but quite lucky. The native’s partner will always be suffering from some or the other kind of health ailments. Native is always been regarded in the friend circle.


Prayer: Ashwini Nakshatra first step’s born native should worship Mangal Yantra and do Hanuman Chalisa; this will give immense benefit to him.

Ailments: Generally, these people suffer from mental disbalance or other challenges of Mind; they should feed jaggery to cows.

Gems: Natives born on the First Step of Ashwini Nakshatra should wear Red Coral to avoid their problems and get success in life. But still better to discuss once with the Astrologer.


Dwitiye Charan (Second Step)

Character: Natives who takes birth in the Second step are very normal in their physique. These people are shrewd and lethargic in nature. Native is more inclined in materialistic world and always have dirty mind to distract people. Native gets full support from his family, Native’s Life partner has too much of self respect and possess pretty looks. Life partner will easily manage in the house but has got sharp language also. Native will get happiness from daughters. Native’s luck start favoring after 20 years of age.


Prayer:Native should worship Goddess tripur Sundari to get bestowment of age, prestige and power.

Gems: Native should wear white diamond and to feed OX with jaggery.


Tritiye Charan (Third Step)

Character: Natives look handsome or pretty with normal physique. By nature native is of dual nature. Native is capable of proving himself or herself; quite selfish. Native is opportunist. Native’s life partner is good looking individual. Native shall have sons as baby. All of a sudden Native may get lottery. Luck starts favoring from the age of 26 years.

Prayer: Lord Ganesha is the deity to worship and will prove beneficial.


Gems: White Coral is good for the Native.


Chaturth Charan (Fourth Step)

Character: Native who takes birth in the fourth Step of Ashwini Nakshatra will be lean & thin but nice looking with fair complexion. Will be attracted towards Art & Culture, highly ambitious; earn money by his own business. Whole life the native is lean and suffers stomach ailments. Luck starts favoring from the age of 20 or 24 years.

Prayer: Native should worship Deity Ashwini Kumar or Lord Shiva for better result.

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Gems: Native should wear a fresh pearl on silver for mental peace and solemnity.

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