Vastu Tips To Make Your Existing Workplace A Space Of Positivity


Vastu Shastra consultant

Offices can be regarded as second home since we spend the second highest amount of time and sometimes the maximum time there. Office is the place which is kind of a temple for the devotees of success and wealth. It is the source of our livelihood and also gives us a chance to carve an identity of our own in this wide world. Now it may be questioned why one needs to go for Online Vastu advice in Kolkata or for that matter in any part of the world to plan the office interiors. The answer would be that Vastu Shastra advises the best possible positions for various aspects of the interiors, in order to ensure positive flow of wealth and prosperity into one’s life. Moreover, since we cannot eliminate our needs, wants and desires, we should stick to the solutions that provide the right directions and mentality to fulfil them.

Another question that may arise in your head is that Vastu Shastra applies to basic architecture of a building or room, so what if the office is already constructed and it is not appropriate as per the ancient science. No, you do not have to break a cabin or the entire building to make things right. There are some remedial measures too under this discipline which may be adapted to. Some of the most vital ones are as follows:

The Clutter Free Entrance:

The pathway that leads you to the entrance indirectly symbolises your pathway to success and wealth and so it should not be hindered by unwanted objects. As per Vastu Shastra Consultants, the entrance should be obstruction free to invite more opportunities.

A Proper Reception Area:

The reception area gives the first major impression of the nature of an office. Flowers in the reception area are considered to be favourable. The table should be placed in diagonal position facing the door. Also, the receptionist should face the East or North direction for generation of positivity.

Utilising the Water Energy:

Placement of a water body is always considered to be conducive to obtain the desirable results. The water bodies should be placed in North-East or Eastern Region. An aquarium or a small pool of water with fishes can prove to be fortunate for your business. The aquarium can be more beneficial if 1 blackfish and 9 Goldfish are kept in it.

Positioning the Departments:

The senior-most dignitaries should occupy the South-West position of the office in order to strengthen the position of the company or firm. The directions South-West, West or South are believed to be ideal for controlling the various departments and operations. The position of the middle-level management should be somewhere in North or East for greater co-operation. The field or marketing/sales staffs should be given the North-West location, as it is the ideal direction for interaction and convincing. Similarly, the section of finance and accounts should belong to the South-East direction, as that ensures maximum financial flow. Facing North or East is always good for the executives and staffs since Northern and Eastern Zones are associated with Kuber and Sun Gods respectively.

Other Things to Watch:

For working, the tables or desks should be of certain shapes. Generally irregular shaped tables are considered to be inauspicious. The rectangular or square shapes are the best choices. Further, it is not a good idea to place the figurines or images of deities on the table. In respect, they are to be placed at a position separate from the work station. Also having meals on the work table should be avoided. Untidiness is not an appeaser to Goddess Lakshmi, so the spaces of work must remain uncluttered and clean. Vastu Shastra Consultants opine that using colours like sky blue, white, grey and cream provides enthusiasm and soothing feeling to the employees, so colour schemes should be kept in mind. Also, applying Kumkum on books of accounts and placing the cupboards in the South-East direction is believed to be fruitful.

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