A Ray Of Contentment At Your Door Is All That Vastu Claims



A ray of omniscience includes all the positives, as well as negative sources, come in the life of every living entity on the planet. With the Sun, revealing its ray of light constantly and thereby lighting planets, Earth being the only living rays of hope affects the life of its existence as a whole. True that astrological study emphasises on the concept of light and gravitational force together. Vastu, forming an important part of the astrological study has its birth out of the subject matter of astrology. It does have a strong relevance to the study of metaphysics.

The Light of Life:

Online Vastu Consultant reveals the connecting lines of life only from the periphery of light. As the Puranic texts have made it clear the entire existence of the Universe as created by the Lord Vishnu wonders through the passage of light. The Holy Spirit presumably, be accepted by the Christian sects of people believed in the ignition of light. Going by the metaphysical understandings, and Physics, the logical minds, who have nurtured themselves through paths of Science have confirmed on the greater possibilities light giving us live. The three earthly components being – water, soil and light allow life to find its wings. Certainly, this marks a positive notion of hope since life.

The Light of Science:

A life of science comes into prominence the moment fire was ignited. The discovery of fire as mentioned by the archaeological heads of the world has jointly stated the scientific cause and effect relationship back then. It was the light of the fire at night that made those trying times bit safe for men. Hard it was for they hardly knew the meaning of civilisation. The old school monk must reply to a political saint in a mocking fashion, “Religion and politics shaped an entire civilisation as a mark of hope and growth to live. It had the technological discoveries at one hand to direct Earth in a positive direction”. So, light has its wings from the primitive era.

The Treating of Light:

People of any establishments have been practising opening of the doors and windows, allowing Sunlight to enter. A bright sunny weather creates a positive atmosphere at the home. Generally, the best astrologer in Kolkata suggests this scenic beauty, which soothes eyes as well as one woke up. The colour codes being light or dark, common among today’s home decor replaces darkness.

Vastu Tips To Make Your Existing Workplace A Space Of Positivity


Vastu Shastra consultant

Offices can be regarded as second home since we spend the second highest amount of time and sometimes the maximum time there. Office is the place which is kind of a temple for the devotees of success and wealth. It is the source of our livelihood and also gives us a chance to carve an identity of our own in this wide world. Now it may be questioned why one needs to go for Online Vastu advice in Kolkata or for that matter in any part of the world to plan the office interiors. The answer would be that Vastu Shastra advises the best possible positions for various aspects of the interiors, in order to ensure positive flow of wealth and prosperity into one’s life. Moreover, since we cannot eliminate our needs, wants and desires, we should stick to the solutions that provide the right directions and mentality to fulfil them. Continue reading Vastu Tips To Make Your Existing Workplace A Space Of Positivity