Root No. 3

People whose DOB is 3,12,21,30 belong to Root no.3 Master Planet of this number is Jupiter. Jupiter is sitting on high pedastal….Native who belong to this number are highly 297px-Sign_language_W.svgcourageous, very ambitious and optimistic. They are power hungry. They need optimum authority in their hands. They are dutiful. They are wise, teacher or preachers….
They like to travel and get several chances to travel abroad. They are outspoken and say tings bluntly.
Women of Root No. 3 can be more successful then men, if they enter the field of their choice..In business no. 3 people are best trusted as they do not cheat.

They must take some precautions like they must not spend so number3lavishly. They can have urinary, skin or gastric related problems. Hence they should get suitable treatment. They like delicious food but should eat under limits. They should not envy others or misuse their authority. Too much of optimism is also not good for them because hope and pessimism are two sides of life.

Date of Birth 4:

Those who born on 4,13,22,31st of any month have 4 as their 4basic number. Master Planet is Rahu. This number is symbolic of suddenness, Paradoxes, Revenge  and joining reactionary chain are some of the attributes of this number. Goddess Laxmi and Lord Ganesha rules this number..

This number is full of incidents, full of surprises, rise and fall and with lot upheavals. Their point of view on all matters is im4agesdifferent from others. They take just the opposite position from others and advocate their point so strongly that many people consider them to be arrogant and become their enemies.

By heart these people are considerate cultured, trustworthy and of strong character . However due to their unstable disposition, it is difficult to understand them. They never dupe others.These natives represntatives of love, peace, service and expression, Hence these natives are good planners. Such people swim against the current..

They should not loose interest in what they do…If men should not marry before the age of 26. Trusting people is good but not blindly.img-thing

pls be careful of horned animals…and spend according to the capacity of your purse / wallet.