Some tips on Money Matters:

The feng shui element of the Southeast area is Wood, so be mindful about not placing Metal or Fire element objects and colors in your feng shui money area.88015

In the destructive cycle of the five feng shui elements Metal cuts the Wood and Fire burns the Wood. As your focus is to strengthen the Wood feng shui element energy of the Money area, it is best to avoid the elements that weaken the Wood.

To make the area strong just follow these steps:d320cc57fde449e5954911b88adaf4d3

1> Healthy, lush green plants
2> A beautiful water feature (actual or an image)
3> Colors blue, green and brown, the colors of the feng shui
elements of Wood and Water.
4. You can also add the colors of the feng shui element of Earth, as
Earth supports the Wood element.

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