Some Fengshui tips on Kitchen;

The kitchen should have several levels of proper lighting, be aba19ca3689483b4fa48d571d6f83dd5airy and spacious, clean, bright and welcoming; where u wud love to move in.

For good feng shui, keep the kitchen simple and do not overload it with lot many utensils & gadgets.

Keep the clutter at an arms’ length; and remove it daily.

Fresh flowers bring beautiful uplifting energy to your kitchen. Place a bowl with fruits, a vase of flowers, or a living plant on c9d47b0c025ef5944ded13b9943ca79fyour kitchen table or wherever the layout of your kitchen allows.

Choose colors that blend well and feel good together. Feng shui-wise, color yellow/Orange/pink is a good choice for the kitchen, as it is good for your digestion. You can choose this color as light as “butter yellow” or as vibrant and strong as “squash Orange.” or “Strawberry Pink”.

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