What Men have one should know

People try to find out about someone by knowing their Zodiac Sign in a proper scientific way….that’s cool…Now 12 signs helps us to understand the very nature of someone… Numerlogy is another science to get the insight of somebody.shutterstoc3k_59836903 We tend to ask lot of questions like “What is your date of Birth?” n Frankly speaking now a days It sounds desperate. Guys get frustrated. They don’t take well this astrological “phenomena”. They see in it a threat to their very existence. They start to vote for a privacy act. But all we want to do is to understand, not to control. So “Its always better to ask When is your Birthday?

A well built man with good physique who can do wonders with their steel body but has very less etiquette for the girls they are engaged with are somehow get automatically detached with the fair sex….on the other hand a guy with normal built & looks but knows how to talk and understand the deep feeling of women can easily make a pavement into the heart of that Sweet Lady and are respected most than the person with Flabby Muscles.

But to understand the phenomena of the character at a go NUMEROLOGY helps a lot to make Girls understand.Gone-Fishing-8-Things-to-Know-About-Dating-Pisces-Men-photo5Right man doesn’t kick a dog when his car breaks. He doesn’t scream at his wife when his boss fires his ass. He doesn’t get angry if you don’t want to have sex with him today. He can wait. He wants a woman to be happy, because if you are not happy, he is not either.

Some men are okay, but you don’t want any sort of overcompensation going on. Especially, when it gets physical. You don’t want to be with a man who is drinking, or using drugs.

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