Some Car Parking tips:

Best place for vehicle parking area is in the North-West 13715382261366284161_475651895_1-Pictures-of-Parking-Shades-Factory-Shades-and-All-Kind-of-Shades-and-Material-are-Availabledirection and the second option is the  South-East of the plot. If the  selection is North-West, then it involves lot of travelling that lead to your success and well-being and the vehicle remains in the parking area only for a very short time.
North-East direction for the parking is not recommended because it is the direction for the heavenly forces and this should not be obstructed.
South-West direction carries lot of negative energies, the vehicle will not chotel-car-parkingome out of the parking area only, and would it require constant repairing.In case if the parking area is facing the South or West, there may be lot of chances to catch fire or related.

Best colors for parking area is any white or any other brighter colors.

So to have a safe CAR and TRAVEL just follow the steps mentioned above

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