Probably a quarter or one third of the earth’s population believes in astrology to some extent, and a 1997 survey for Life magazine shows that about 48 percent of Americans believe that astrology is valid. Second, 90 per cent Indians believe in astrology, which is pure superstition and humbug. Even a little common sense tells us that the movements of stars and planets have nothing to do with our lives. Yet, TV channels showing astrology have high TRP ratings.

Upwards of 30 percent believe it to such an extent that they mold their self-image on their astrological sign (which means that if their sign says that they are “aggressive,” they view themselves as aggressive or otherway round) At least three-quarters of the newspapers in the United States and most of the countries carry daily horoscope columns. Upwards of 90 percent of people in the United States have described themselves as “open minded” and in India people are more than open minded about the veracity and usefulness of astrology.

Some 20 million books on astrology are sold in this country every year, all of them essentially pro-astrology because only about 6 books critiquing astrology have been written, and one is out of print. And why not? Compare how often favorable reports about astrology appear in the press with how often criticisms also appear.

Astrology can also have an impact upon political events. It has long been known that former President Ronald Reagan regularly consulted astrologers while he held office. According to Donald Regan in his book For the Record: In India almost all the Politicians to are believing in Astrology and performing yagnas or going to spiritual places just for the sake of getting the vote … but do they really get the result nope!!!! They would have won the seats if they could perform something better for the humanhood then performing rituals through astrology………which is a clear indication in recent election in Delhi, MP , Chattisgarh & Rajasthan..

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