Developing Personality…

Each individual is different from the other in lot many ways hsmorningmeditationand we discuss on “improving” personality,or some specialized Consultants Portray some “successful” or “good” and even conduct personality tests to ascertain the quality of Personality one is holding…

“Personality” is a get together of characteristics, traits, or qualities that form an individual’s distinctive character, behaviour, nature etc.

Presumption often turns out to be incorrect because the fact is that each individual is unique and different.

Can we explore couple of myth about “personality”.

Myth 1: Personality can be “developed”.yoga_three_panel

The so-called personality development, even if it works, happens through the process of training and the resultant learning. Both through nature and nurture, the individual’s unique personality gets developed in the childhood itself. As in MAHABHARATA EKLAVYA was developed with the personality of a born fierce fighter than ARJUNA; Eklavya developed his own skills through his concentration.
It is through the normal process of learning and un-learning that behavioral modifications are achieved in later years. “personality development” helps people do business, despite its lack of genuine result-orientation.

Myth 2: There are successful and unsuccessful personalities.

No individual is permanently a success or failure. Most successes are attributable to opportunities, situations etc. Instances in MAHABHARATA shows Dhristadyum the successful army commander of PANDAVAS who wins a battle and takes pride in lay down the head of Guru Dronacharya (the scholar of all weapons arts, who cannot be destroyed by anybody) did so because of the combination of many factors like the morale of the men, weaponry, weather or time.

yoga-pose[1]ON the other hand KAURAVAS’ Commander BHISMA the undisputed fighter of that ERA got killed becasue of an eunuch Shikhandi !!! Can we term Shikhandi as a best Personality and Bhisma was not ???

Good Fighter in the Battle field cannot become a good Corporate Manager… operation of work is different in both the place and Hence Branding personalities as good, bad, successful or unsuccessful is unrealistic.

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