Color effects through EYES:

We are blessed with five senses touching, smelling, tasting, Capturehearing and seeing…..where Eyes are playing most important role in seeing this beautiful world we are in and the people we interact on day to day basis……The National Bureau of Standards estimates that human can see 10 million different colors…And lot of things can happen on the usage of the proper color…..

lets find out:339a1180e6c7384fe9aaed46ad72be9f

Red: full of energy, excited, make your heart rate increase.
Orange: it cheers & command,quite vibrant and  zealing
Yellow: it Varies.. cheerful,optimistic,sometime irritating too
Green: Nature’s color , feeling rested n peace, lower blood pressure.
Blue: Calm n cool…..most popular color of America and India.
Purple: Comfort, assurance and spiritcolorspectrum-348x196uality….
White: Quite, Lavish, spendthrift, Cool.
Black: Authoritative, sophisticated , disciplined

Now its important how to use these colors for various purposes as Marketing, Administration, Home & Self……

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