Imagine being an astrologer in Vienna

March 2008 – The British National Archives at Kew, London have released new documents revealing more about the influence on astrology on the Second World War.

Imagine being an astrologer in Vienna in 1910 and a struggling Austrian artist gives you his birth details: April 20, 1889 6.30pm. What could one say? Well it appears a lot of astrologers have analysed Hitler’s chart with many different agendas.

The precision of Krafft’s Predictions unnerved the Nazis.eclipse-eye

Hitlers Astrologer? In 1923, Hitler was impressed by a prediction that a man born on his birth date would sweep to power. After a later accurate prediction of an attempt to assassinate Hitler in 1939, the Nazi’s arrested Swiss astrologer, Karl Ernst Krafft (b. 10 May, 1900 – 1945). Once convinced of his innocence, they employed his services in various ways.

How Krafft became Hitler’s astrologerkeksm

His first ‘commission’ was from the Minister for Propaganda Goebbels who wanted Krafft to research and interpret the quatrains of the French 16th century mystic Nostradamus in a way that supported the longevity of the Third Reich. In 1940, Krafft gave a private reading for Hitler to one of his aides, but never met the Fuehrer. Subsequently, Hitler was highly impressed by the results of one of Krafft’s forecasts and one that may have influenced the timing of Hitler’s initially successful attack (Operation Barossa) on the Soviet Union.

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