Many people say that beauty

Many people say that beauty is skin deep was far off the mark. Beauty actually penetrates much deeper than our outer skin beauty or something which can be seen. No matter how perfect your physical features are, without inner beauty a person will never be attractive.

Some inner beauty treatments can be tried out to look really beautiful and for other to feel you are beautiful:very-happy-woman

Need to be happy:

Even if you don’t feel it at first, smiling and being happy are habit-forming. When you smile and act happy, eventually you can’t stop. It’s becomes like a song that gets stuck in your head.

As Swami Vivekananda said” if you are not happy, you don’t have right to make other unhappy by showing your sour face;”

one do lot of makeover to style themselves for looking handsome or beautiful in the same way one should have spiritual routine too everyday…

Something for others:nature-human-1

There are lot of individuals who are inneed of something which probably you can share or help them in their struggling. We tend to ignore lot of things but more concentrate on our worldly matters.

The best part is if we can just share there feeling or sorrows that only can bring smile on there long faces……

that would be enough……bring smile or give smile ….

An act of kindness nourishes not only your spirit, but another person’s spirit.

Something We Lovenuggetpic

Take out time for yourself and do something which you are longing to do; which you think can make you happy…..reading, painting, cooking, trekking, making your beautiful, want to gift something buy for them.

Giving time to self is related to spirituality.

Connecting self with the Nature:

You can take a morning walk looking at the rising sun feeling connected to it; do meditation n feel connected ; join an NGO do something for deprived and feel connected…..there are lot of things which can really take us closer to the nature and feel us great……

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