The political SCENARIO is a FUSS with the LIST of an unsuccessful candidates who accounted their failure to secure the seat to IMPROPER VASTU of the polling station where voting was held.bigstock-Hand-Of-Woman-Meditating-In-A-57918866-763x362

Should the Election Commission engage experts to ensure that all polling centres are vastu- and feng shui-friendly !!!!!

Few tips on getting success in Politics can be assured by follwoing the below mentioned doctrines of VASTU SHASTRA:

> Entrance in the EAST of residence and office is highly effective in achieving leadership success.

> Master Bedroom in the SOUTH WEST at residence and Political Leader’s chamber at office gives sustainability and dogmatic approach. On the contrary if the same is n the North West Corner then it shall give a bad impact on the reputation and can put the basket of allegations on the person contesting for the seat…

> NORTH WEST direction can be used for publicizing the portfolio and for Brand building exercise of the candidate who is contesting as this is govern by the element AIR so the proper utilization of this corner can really help the candidate to reach out to the MASS and get proper result•

> But if NORTH WEST is tampered or lot of doshas present in that direction can put the candidate into the legal cases or defamation. Lot of old wrong deeds will crop up again which will fire back the candidate in the election….

> Every Problem has a solution with long lasting remedies…..One really need to go for VASTU ANALYSIS with 0_0_0_0_607_331_csupload_650645271SCIENTIFIC EVALUATION of their properties either residential or commercial to overcome any kind of VASTU related problems…

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