Being alone is too depressing

10172663_662714057148055_6390645425336314124_nWhat can be done to Someone Who’s Depressed We all are familiar with the word Depression by some or the other way. Some experience the same through their most expected things which is to be happened but has not happened or someone’s friend make them experience through their words… There may be lots of reasons for anybody to get into depression.
Endless reasons to get demotivated, morose, sad or aloof……
Vastu of another persona’s(friend) or specially Gardians/Parents’ intellectuality can help in this to overcome or seduce the effect of the depression of another one….
Lets see how Vastu helps:wpid-wp-1439963763217
The Words of ours can really heal a person to 65% at that very moment if it get placed properly to the depressed person… that way we are actually working as a Vastu psychiatrist…Do the consultation in the North –East corner as that area put impact immediately.
a> Sometime we need to join their sorrows or agony partially; rather giving them the solutions…just to enter into their boundaries by giving empathy…& acknowledgement (try to play any instrumental music in low volume if possible).

b> Being alone is too depressing……as a friend tell them that you are with him or her and your friend is not alone… open the doors or windows which are closed let the natural light come in or light up the lights.

c> Boosting can be a very good medicine….just need to say that “you are with him or her & offer your help by saying “ you are always there and if you can do something for her or him”.

d> Ta10171625_662714053814722_8769676857051842300_nke your friend out of that place for shopping or movie or for a walk and try to convince his or her mind to speak out the reason behind the depression.

e> Really hard to become consultant unless you are compassionate and need to enter into the status of his or her mind and offer solutions….at least say this “This is a passing cloud and will go away soon”
Just do it and make the difference…

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