Lip Color Horoscope

# Amazing to know that lipsticks can help a lot get the job done….Now a days in European countries Lip Color Horoscope are creating wave of the future…Lets see what color to be used as per the zodiac signs to impress & win somebody.Queen-Collection-Lip-Color-Lineup

Aries: Its fire, full of charisma, speed…RED color lipstick of any shade will do fantastic job for you.

Taurus: Love, Material goods , sentimental, peeps emotion….PURPLE or MAUVE color lipstick can do wonders.

Gemini: talkers, shmoozers, and communicators. You are quick witted and bright, imaginative . We advise PEACH Toned color lipstick will make you proud.tumblr_md1liv6TJ81rpm5rmo1_500

Cancer:homebodies,around family, friends and comfy-cozy things. NATURAL colors are best suited color lipstick can put you on ease.

Leo: loudest, rowdiest, and full-blown main attraction. PINK color lipstick the loudest the better for you to reach your goal…

Virgo: Choosy, accurate, critical and judgmental. SHIMMERY metallic hues colors are really awsome for you..

Libra: Balance & Adjusting, good partner, sportsman….Shades of MERLOT & NATURAL COLOR can take you to a new height.

Scorpio: serious, determined, curious, unafraid people. MAROON & RED would be the best.

Sagittarius: Investigative, Judgemental….BROWN color lipstick would suit you the best.201569094528-milani-color-statement-lipstick-giveaway

Capricorn: Judgemental , 3 Ds (Dedicated, Determined & Devoted)..BRIGHT PINK color is superb.

Aquarius:Philanthropic, Nature loving, Creative….All NATURAL colors will do miracle..

Pisces: Quiet, Creative, Judgemental…DEEP RED colors are fantastic…for you…

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