Every one needs Happy Married Life..So if there is any frictions between husbandand wife then lets introduce Vaastu Shastra principles into trouble mounted familysystem to play an important role for making the marriage life cordial, zovial and  lovable.

Senior Couple Enjoying Snack At Outdoor Café
Senior Couple Enjoying Snack At Outdoor Café

problems turn into bigger ones if ignored in the longer run Someof these problems can be occurred because of Vaastu doshas; if your house is not planned according to Vaastu principles. Since, the bedroom is the most important place for couples so it should be placed and decorated in the right manner, here are some Vaastu tips can enhance love and prosperity between the couples and in their relationship.First of all Bedroom location must be on the South-West , West or North West direction as these directions will spark love and understanding between the   partners. While sleeping couples should always keep their heads towards the east for undisturbed sleep or towards south, it helps in keeping sound health. As Kitchen too plays very important role in building up the relationship between
couple; it is advisable not keep sink and cooking gas side by side and if its there then place an artificial green plant between both of them. Paint your bedroom with light colors such as light blue, soft green or rose-pink and keep it clean and clutter free so that it create soothing ambiance and balance the energies in right manner. Sleeping positions of husband and wife also matters, wife should always sleep on
the left side of the bed and the husband should take the right pengantin-baru-hidup-bahagiaside to ensure a smooth and loving relationship. It is recommended using single bed mattress for double bed also to build up harmony and bring positivity in the marital relationship. electrical gadgets in the bedroom disturbs health mainly with the migraine like mobile, laptop or any other, these gadgets not only disrupts health but increase
tensions between partners. There should be no mirror in a couple’s bedroom, as it leads to misunderstandings and quarrels and if you have mirror in your bedroom than keep it covered, especially during the night.Always keep your bedroom well-lit. Keep it fragrant by using aroma candles, incense sticks, room freshener.
BUT THE TRUE FACT BEHIND successful marriage is the love and trust between the husband and wife.

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