Root No.: 5

imaggesLets see what Numerology says for the people who takes birth on 5,14 or 23rd of any month which indicates 5 as their Basic No. The master planet of 5 is Mercury and main deity is Goddess Lakshmi.

Their business acumen is wonderful. Whateeer they do, due to their grip on commercial matters they make money from other sources also.. They can find Gold in Sand also.

They are tender , thinking type, active, flexible, writers and good at the art of speaking. They know how to make friends and how to maintain friendship. So the number of their number_5_outlineadmirers and followers keeps swelling. They are sentimental too and take very quick decision.

Their financial fortunes keep fluctuation but don’t need to worry about their old age. They must marry early which will prove boon to them.

One of the reason for their popularity is that they become serious with elders, youthful in company of youngsters and people of opposite sex are immensely attracted by their charm.number-5

Living in fresh atmosphere is good for you. In middle age the effects of work done starts appearing. Blood pressure is a common problem. skin problem would be very common. Hence need to take balanced diet and tonic/medicines. Regular exercise is must.

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