Basic No. 6:

gold_number_6WOW!!!! This number has got something special in them..some magnetic charisma. Natives are born on 6th, 15th or 24th of any month gets Basic No.6.

Master planet of this number is Venus. This is a bright, shining planet, which can be seen with naked eyes without the help of binoculars. No other planet is so shining. That explains why the personality, habits and living style of these people are so colorful and bright. Physically their figure and body has a magnetic quality like that of Venus. 410N2GX1QCL._SY355_

Venus is universally accepted as the deity of love and beauty symbol of married life, mutual attraction between the two sexes and materialism.  These people cannot tolerate clumsiness and are also lovers of art and nature. They are in best spirits when in natural surroundings, hill station, jungle, resort or at a sea shore. These people are not normally very rich but spend too much on glamour and romantic activities. They will die for anyone whom they like. They play excellent host and believe in living this short life with utmost merrymaking.

They believe in GOD.They start on a low pitch and reach the apex of popularity.NUMBER-SIX

First of all these people should curtail their expenses. Intake of Alcohol after the age of 42 should be curbed. Avoid spicy food. Reduce weight a little, go in for a morning walk …pls. don’t force your ideas on others and on contrary should not blindly trust everyone.

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