basic no. 1

Natives born on 1,10,19,28 day of any month have basic no.1 . Master Planet of this number is Sun..From 1 only many emerge . Just as Sun is at the central point of cosmos, which governs or controls other planets and other planets revolve around it. Similarly No.1 enjoys the same status in the world of numbers.number11_16955192It is not easy to make a list of qualities of such natives. As all are humans have some qualities and faults. Howsoever strong the fate may be every person makes mistakes. Their personality is impressive. They are fun loving. Their personality is distinct from other in the group. They have some magnetic attraction by birth. People are impressed by them and are drawn towards them.These people like independence by nature and do not relish working under someone else. At times problems arise in their relations with their peers or superiors because of this natural trait. They are hardworking, loyal towards heir family and organisation as well as wise.c8a89eead768147e5165b02b210ba1a6

They are not only courageous, enterprising, strugglers but also forbearing. His friend circle goes on widening. They always try to do something new. They know their destination and do not rest till they reach there.


All said and done but such people should not be too arrogant. It is always prudent to be a little compromising and flexible. It is also good to be a lover of beauty but one must guard against falling prey to a beautiful damsel. They would do well if they avoid taking undue risk due to their overconfidence. Need to respect the feeling of their peers and life partners. So far woman natives of basic no. 1 are concerned they number1always tender correct advice to their husbands. They can make a mark in the areas of arts , painting, interior decoration, theatre, film etc. Their main attributes are sociality, good behaviour and cheerfulness. Inspite of worries and hurdles, they make full use of oppurtunities and achieve success in the home and outside also.

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