Basic No. 8

Those who are born on 8, 17, or 26 of any month are of basic no. 8.. Master of this number is Saturn, which is a planet of wind element.

This number illustrates accomplishment of work. Saturn is an altogether different type of planet. Its is surrounded by two beautiful rings consists big stones & ice some as big as Mountain Himalayas..im9agesAccording to western scholars, Saturn is a hard and discipline loving planet..Ancient Greeks took it to be a symbol of justice and equality. If one writes 8 in English, one can see two circles joint together which represent meeting ground of two diverse thoughts. i.e., intellect and spiritualism.

When these natives are pleased with someone they will stand like a protective shield for him, but if they are angry at a person then they will see to it that the poor chap is ruined. these people are very soft at heart and trust everyone.

No. 8 represents unpredictable events, delays and failures. It is true that difficulties and struggles are associated with this number but this is a powerful number and gives such wonderful rewards to basic no. 8 natives, for their labour which no other plane can give.

Many of the worlds top revolutionaries, successful imag2espoliticians and history makers were of basic no. 8. They are ahead of their times and have a sixth sense.

Everything in their lives happens like a Comet. destiny hits them so hard that anybody would break. But these natives take things in their strides, accept their bad luck and get ready to start their efforts a new. They do not get due importance during their lifetime but are respected after death. ” Har koi bolenge kitna Mahaan insaan tha”…


These natives must take precautions on some habits. if they are womanizers then they are advised to get reformed..if they are addicted to some drugs, wine etc they must leave this.074153-rounded-glossy-black-icon-alphanumeric-m08-clearThey should be flexible in their attitude as they have to live in the society. As the age advances they may have headache, kidney, liver, piles and such other problems,…pls. take your medicine and do exercise on time. Be composed and meditate.

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