Vastu for Couple’s Bedroom

Couple’s bedroom should be with good ambience affects to make stronger bonding. Relationships between couples should have eternal bond with utmost love and understanding. Vastu is important in constructing bedroom with proper consideration. Bedroom is a nest to release distress and relaxed. Appropriate direction is of paramount importance for a couple for reasons such as to prevent untimely death of spouse, bad health, miscarriage in women, better and early conception etc.


Avoid South-east corner for couple’s bedroom as it can leads to frequent clashes and quarrels. Avoid keeping head toward north.  Do not keep exposed mirror in the couple’s bedroom. Television screen, computer screen and other exposed mirrors should be veiled when not in use. If possible, avoid TV and computer in couple’s bedroom because the electromagnetic rays and vibrations from electronic objects create stress and tension.

Aromatic Fresh flowers should be kept in couple’s bedroom which symbolizes blooming of love and fragrance of flowers help keeping the relation afresh like always. Vastu does help a lot in keeping the relationship alive but understanding is equally important as at the time of marriage couple sees each other before getting into the bond and not the bedroom.

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