Those who are born on 9th,18th or 27th day of a month have basic no. 9. Master planet of this number is Mars and presiding deity is Lord Hanuman.images There are 9 planets in the solar system. There are 9 types of religious devotions, 9 types of attainment, 9 forms of Goddess Durga, etc. This number has been given importance in Chinese, Greek, Christian and Jewish cultures too.  No. 9 does not know what defeat is.They are ideal for army, police or para military forces. There style of working is aggressive. They are able managers and organizers. Waves of self respect are constantly rising and falling in their mind. Due to these habits legal cases are obvious against them. Short tempered nature makes their family tense. They are not satisfied with their wives and sometimes shout at her in the presence of others.They can never digest criticism.

Howsoever difficult the task may be ; they meticulously plan all the details of the same and executes. They wear attractive dresses and look fresh, but are generally dissatisfied. They need love.  They give more importance to themselves and this habit is bound to displease others. Despite all these basic no. 9 people are fortunate, although they have to struggle to attain success. They do not get anything easily.  Women of Basic no. 9 are expert in plaing good host.They are dutiful and good house wives. They should use dark red colours. They can make a carrer in the fields of medicine, health, education, designing etc. They must not marry males of basic no. 4. Such marriage will break after a boiling start.


No. 9 persons should control their impatience. Many things are spoiled because of their head strong. Anger is not a virtue. It is a state of sick mind. Every body gets angry if its crosses all limits. It would also be better to solve disputes outside the courts. These native have to deal with traitors many a times. They should go in for an early marriage. Their good time is repeated after every 9 years.   If the wife’s basic no. is also 9 then this native should not try to suppress her because she will also be as explosive and aggressive as he is. Never keep such items poison, deadly weapons, kerosene, etc in the house because when they go mad, they might misuse these things. They must maintain friendly relations with people of basic nos. 3,6, and 9.

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